Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Break; It's all boobies & beer.

Well, the boob's part is right, just not in the sense it once was.

This is Mike's Spring Break.

I'm going blonde.
Don't foil highlight  your own hair, while wearing glasses, it skews your perception.

I've been re living my 19 year old self, with musical Play Lists, while putting together things with a lot of parts & letters & confusing hard to see dots to differentiate the 10 pieces which all look the same but that one dot that my bind self can NOT see.

I lopped off some of Ryan's sweet baby whispy's because he is all Go Go Go! and with his hair in his eye's, it was getting in his way! Now, I'm depressed I did, because look at how sweet they were at that picture of him, playing the other day. They aren't fully gone, but they're shaped & thinned out, for sure.

We're I'm doing Spring Cleaning, house organizing, throwing away of things & all that good OCD stuff.

The kids are getting some serious Vitamin D from this gorgeous weather!

We're going to the Zoo, tomorrow. Maybe you guys will get lucky & we'll see some animals humping.

Plus, is anyone else having trouble with Blogger?? ( Ha, I typed Blooger, first!!, Like Booger...get it?)

I have been. A lot the last few days. In fact, with several sites, I wonder if its my internet?? Sometimes they do shitty things & I lose my connection to the outer world temporarily.
Damn you Time Warner....
Yet another reason I need to learn Wordpress, I suppose..

I'll be MIA a bit this week, but back, next week with review & giveaway from High Sierra Sport. If you are a hiking, cycling or any sort of outdoor enthusiasts. You will want to enter this giveaway. These bag's are phenomenal.

Don't forget we also have a  Hoover LiNX vaccuum GIVEAWAY coming up

Believe me, this thing is ahhmazzziinngg! You will want to be here & get those entries in. Mike has been keeping my house spotless, with this baby. Even the kids like it!

Be there, or be square.



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