Friday, March 12, 2010

Ryan is turning two! A blog bash, of course!

My sweet boy will be two, April 15th.
I can't believe it & I have so much to say & share about him.

I am in the process of pulling together a birthday bash, for the week of his birthday, in true blog form.

So far I have 100% can announce that I have Dyson signed on for a review, and Hoover, for a review and giveaway.

Of course, there will be things just for mom, because the whole BIRTH day thing, make's it a special day for US too!

I'm hoping we'll get some good sponsors, this year to make it fun for not only Ryan, but all of you who have helped me celebrate him since I first found out I was pregnant with him,in July 2007 & have followed a long from my original blog, Away in Arooba, all the way to where I am now.

I'm not doing any fancy smanchy buttons this year.

This is your announcement & invitation

So make sure your following me, on Google Friend Connect, and Facebook ( or Twitter, or any of the other many ways to follow a long) so you don't miss a beat & you are already all linked up, for giveaway's! 

To all the great new media contacts & PR Companies who have been contacting me recently, if you would like to participate, please shoot me an e-mail.

So. Hooray! A birthday party!!! I hope to see you all there!




  1. awww No WAY he is turning 2 already :). I just can't believe it!!! and Happy birthday to you mama! Wow... sigh.. now I want to cry... my little baby just turned three... I don't want them to grow up!!! wahhhh...
    But oh yay for giveaways!!!!!

  2. OMG Love, Aubrey turned 2 yesterday!! So... I really, really, really want to try and get you something to give away. Email me your address and I will try my damndest to get it in the mail to you in the next 2 weeks. LOVE you guys!


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