Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Random is what I love.

I have tons of things I havent found the right time to work into posts, and random is what truly makes me happy.

I'm not a fan of the name myself, you?

I bought this package of Skintimate shave gel, at the end of being pregnant with Ryan, ya know, the painful attempts to shave at some point before you go into labor, hopefully soon, because the effort is just TO great.

I got it at BJ's, the holy place of all things bulk,so it was like, a pack of 6, plus it was on sale & I had like, 2 coupons.
I for some reason decided to try the new scent.Strawberry Tangerine or something.

So, I'm pregnant, bending over in the shower which is hilarious as it is& I spray the gel.

A minute later it hits me.
Have you ever had a  Fuzzy Navel at a medium to low class bar..ya know the mixer they use?
It smells JUST like that, right down to the sugary aftertaste it leaves in your mouth when you throw it back up the next day.
The waves of being not even 21 years old, seeing trashy old people sing & dance with their arms around eachother to "I Love this Bar" and thinking to myself "ohgoodgod,is this REALLY what my life is like, right now??" Then hanging your head, until you down another shot to hopefully forget where you are wash over me every time I shave my farking legs.
Not pleasant.

This shit makes me fucking barf.
Which, 2 years ago, when I bought this crap, was even worse b/c I was pregnant & all bets are off with smells & pregnant chicks, as most know.

However, for some reason I keep using it, still. Like, to this day.
I grabbed an unopened one the other day when I needed a new can of shave stuff ( Idk what I'd been using for a few months there b/c I forgot about it)

So, every time I shower I get pissed at this fucking can of Skintimate shave gel, then I get mad at myself, because it's like, sadistic that I keep doing this to myself, JUST THROW IT AWAY!
I even bought new baby powder scented Skintimate but for some reason I keep forgetting to throw it away. Then I get pissed at the can, then myself, all over again the next night in the shower.
Then I think about how I want to blog about it, then I wonder if its weird I'm thinking about blogging, while showering..

So. I'm going to go throw it away today. And put the new, not gaggy cockatil drink type in the shower.
I hope. (I did!!!!)


OMG. Facial hair on woman. So. My question is.. If you have it & your cool with it & NOTICE it.. thats whatever.
My question is..do some people NOT notice is???? I mean, like.. could you possibly have it & just never look at yourself, or... I dont know what, and not know you have it???

I'm not talking about like, a couple hairs that grown random places, I'm talking like... facial hair..
Like.. Mike is jealous.
Seriously, he's part native American & swears he just isn't able to grow facial hair that doesn't look like Caucasian trash.

We once knew a girl, she was pretty-ish. We were young, before we were pregnant, or married. But, she had like, half inch long ..beards.

I guess you'd call it.. Beards?? Sheards?  SHEARDS!!! Haha..

She did her makeup,hair, she wasn't grungy, so.. It wasn't like she didn't look in mirrors, ya know?
I just always wonder... do they not KNOW, or just not CARE?

Big difference.

I mean, like Mo'nique..she rocks the leg hair.And she owns it & talks about it.
In the Winter, it's a good guess what my legs will look like, but I'm a picker, so.. if there is a stray hair, or clogged pore anywhere on my body, I'll find it.
I'm a groomer.
I'd be the monkey who picks lice out of your hair.. OMG, I just gagged a bit thinking about touching lice, much less eating it. AHH and now my head itches.. I hate that, when you talk about bugs, or whatever & then you feel them!


Nope..Still don't like it!




  1. The Amazing Randi just came out of the closet officially.
    He doesn't shave his face, I don't want to think about his other hair.
    Suddenly I have the urge to pick out wallpaper.

  2. Awesome. I love your play on random. And I'm now pondering the facial hair question.... Also EWWWW lice, I'll be itching all night with that thought thankyouverymuch. *grins* What a great random post.


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