Friday, March 5, 2010

"Proof I have mommy brain", or "I'm stupid"

I have got to lay off the crack pipe.
No seriously, I AM slightly dyslexic, do I'm going to pull that card out, because no one argues if I plead an actual term, other than dumbass.

So, I made a Facebook fan page awhile back & after it finally being up for about 2 days ( and 70 fans!!! Hooray!!) Someone brought it to my attention that "Are Cupcakes just Ugly Muffins" is NOT in fact the title of my very own blog.


So I fixed that one.

If your not a fan, your really missing out on special little moments.
I truly am a piece of work, I'm one of a kind.

Last night Mike & I stayed up late eating ice cream & watching The Sarah Silverman show (she fucking kills me)  and then Ryan wakes up at 7am, hops off the bed, opens the door, walsk out & is all "Hiiii!!!" in his breathy little voice. I looked at my phone & thought Noooo!!

Lucky me, Mike pops up over of bed & tells me to back to bed & the next thing I know, its 8am & he's kissing me good bye.

I no longer drink caffeine, & some days are MADE for coffee, today being one of them, so I drag to the computer after serving up breakfast & doing all the daily morning stuff & I pull out this gem-

Be a Fan on Facebook. See special dumbass awesome Claire moments you might otherwise miss!!



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