Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Kissimmee Florida.

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Have you ever been to Kissimmee Florida?

Mike is from Fort Myers, he lived most of his life there. Andy was born in Cape Coral, actually.I lived there for a bit over a year, with Mike.

I'm no native, but after living there, I do know a bit about what Florida has to offer.

Kissimmee is the Heart of Florida. Next to Orlando, close to everything, including the beaches (Atlantic Ocean is just about an hour away; Gulf Coast less than a 2-hour drive). Staying in Kissimmee lets you enjoy ALL the things you want in a Florida vacation -- theme parks, beaches, outdoors, relaxation.

I've been to Kissimmee, while in Orlando.
I have seen what the area has to offer.
Love it!

We've spent time at Old Town, it was one of Mike's step fathers, favorite places to visit. We checked out Epcot, for a fun food & drink tasting from around the World.
We lounged at the pool, ate good food & had some family fun, right before Mike & I got engaged in 2005.
From airboat rides, zip-lining, horseback riding, hiking, birding, biking. to shopping in quaint downtown Kissimmee. Boutiques and eclectic shops, super restaurants. Kissimmee has something to offer everyone.

If we were to visit now ( which, we may be, next year!) we'd definately check out Disney World, with the kids. I've never been, myself. I suppose it's something I'd potentially enjoy, I've never thought too much about it in depth.

But let's face it, who doesnt, or wouldn't like Disney World, right?
Isn't it the happiest place on Earth for a reason??

Of course, when traveling with kids you have to research for a child friendly (and fun!) hotel to stay at.

We stayed at the Orlando Radison Resort, which I loved, they had a great pool! I would definitely stay there again, it's close to everything, was a great accommodation with nice amenities & was a lot of fun. Ah..memories...

I'd definitely take our kids to Old Town, as it holds a lot of memories for Mike, as they've gone there for years, before we ever met. 

One of my favorite pictures, of Mike & I, looking over our shoulders, on a scrambler ride as the sun sets, in Old Town. I'll have to find it & scan it in ..

They have TONS of of shops there, and I really want to go back because they had the biggest crystal, gem & stone shop ever, I have a gorgeous piece of citrine, from that trip & I always wish I'd gotten more, at the time.

If you were to visit Kissimmee what would you want to check out, to make a dream vacation?

The amusement parks?

Would you go the Nature route & do an air boat ride?

Share your thoughts with me, so I can add them to our itinerary for our next trip down to Florida!

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  1. Mark's brother lives in Kissimmee. :)

  2. Let me know when this trip will happen and we can try and get together. When Rhea took the kids to Disney we met in Daytona and spent the day at the beach.


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