Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I'm a few cats from crazy.

2 toddler boys + 1 big asshole cat(Max) + little Chuck +our house is small=
I'll have days where I have to go look for a cat, just because I havent seen them.
They know whats up.
My bedroom is blocked off from the kids 80% of the time,they sleep in there during the day & then do their thing at night. Cats are nocturnal, right?

So, I noticed Chuck was looking  a bit skinny & hadnt been whoring all over my lap, so I went to check her out. She had lost a good amount of weight, so we took her to the vet, as she seemed a bit listless too. We thought, maybe she had worms, or something? She's snuck outside a few times,who knows what she could have gotten into out there, with all the other animals in our redneck hood in the woods.

So, Mike gets her there & they're concerned, asking a ton of questions. He said THEN they pulled up her file. When we first took Chuck in, took her to get an abortion & fixed, we had found out she does have feline leukemia. She always seemed fine, so they just said, basically.. nothing, really.. ((head scratch))
So, Mike said as soon as they saw that in the file they basically said "Oh" and closed the door on her.

She has a tumor in her stomach, about the size of a fist, and with her being sick, and the procedures being costly..

She isn't in any pain, they offered to put her down, or told us to just get  her to try to eat 3 meals a day, keep her comfortable & see how she does.

To put her down is $50, plus, at this clinic
(seriously,It's like a Planned Pethood, it's a low cost clinic for feral cats, or to provide low cost care for outdoor animals people find & care for, or to people who can't afford a vet at a costly private practice. It's run by donations, small fees & vets donate their time, It's pretty awesome! I love finding places like that, that help give provide care to animals who might not otherwise recieve it!)

However, your also responsible for disposal of your.... pet.

So, we'd pay them to put her down & then we go home, to the FROZEN ground & do what with her?
My dad works for the Health department, so I asked him one time, how to properly dispose of a pet.
I know, when we lived in Florida, it was against the law to bury an pet. Some places, it is.
Well, long story short. I'm not going to double bag my cat & throw her away with the trash pick up on Monday, the ground is frozen solid...
Mike is like "we could build her a pyre..WHAT?? Its an honorable way to go, I'd like to be burnt on a pyre by my loved ones when I die instead of taken to the morgue & put in an oven"

This, believe me, led for a disturbing conversation you don't want to know about....or DO you???.. squint eyes....

So.. here we are.

We bought Chuck some prescription food, at the vets advice.
Mike calls it "Chucks AIDs food" because, look, at the can-

They should have thought about a different design, huh?? It takes the whole feline AIDs jokes to a new, sad, level.

At this point, the tumor seems to make her feel full, so she isn't eating. Which is causing the weight loss & ultimately, I'm worried about her starving to death, with her immune system being so shot.

So, we're feeding her 3-4 times a day, she has taken small bites, but it's better than nothing. I'm feeding her tuna, I even give her the stuff in the packet, dolphin save, in water, not the yucky drainy cans, those are such a mess!
We're loving on her & letting her do what she wants. She lays in the kitchen & the back, mostly, the hard, cool floor seems to feel good on her stomach. She doesnt seem to be in any pain, but she does want to get outside.
Mike said she wants to go outside to die.
Depressing huh? She was born an outdoor kitty, maybe she wants to go back out..

But, I keep telling her "Chunkles, you have to fight this Chuck!!!!!"

And she's gained a BIT of weight back, which is encouraging.

We're taking it a day at a time, certainly if she gets bad, or in pain, we'll take her in to be put to sleep, and then I'll let you know how we dispose of her, that should make for an interesting post, to say the least....

Oh, and if she dies, will someone please send me a condolence from Snarky Cards?



Well, I've been writing this post, for a day or so now & while Chuck is looking like she's gained some weight, ultimately, her bathroom time isnt even happening, she isn't taking enough in, to put out.
She has been laying, un moving, this morning & then I saw her walk, slowly to use the litter box.
She looked like it was an effort, even even kind of made a mess of herself in her effort to stand up while she pooped, which I sadly cleaned up.
She barely got out of the cat box before laying down.
No food, no nothing, not even yummy treats held right to her.

I think it's getting to be time. I held her on my chest & snuggled her close as I whispered what a good kitty she is.
I heard a rusty barely audible purr. The first I've heard in awhile, and likely her last.
Andy, who doesn't even understand, told her good bye this afternoon, and I, on the verge of tears am trying to figure out what to do.
She doesnt seem to be in pain. We used to use a homeopathic anti anxiety/anti crazy granules treatment, for Max & I tried to mix a bit in with some tuna, hoping to coax her to eat & also, relax, so maybe she can go in her sleep.

This is depressing. And I have that nose sniff & eye weld going on where if I don't blink & snuff every so often, I'm going to burst into tears.

Animals may just be animals, to some. But to me, they're family. 


Except for Max, he's just an asshole



  1. So sorry to hear about your kitty. I know when I lost mine it was as bad as losing a family member. At least you can feel a lil better knowing that she is loved and you're doing all you can to keep her comfortable. Good luck with this, Claire; I'm sure it is a hard decision on whether or not to put her down.

  2. So, now I am sitting here all teary eyed because our animals are family members also and it breaks my heart when this happens. Our Blackie (Lab mix) has been gone just over a year and it is still all too familiar.


  3. Pets help make our heart you can put more in it. Will be thinking about you, I lost my love, Angus, in the fall. May you--and she--find peace.

    *but asshole cats are made for fertilizer.

  4. ((((((((((((hugs mama and chuck))))))))))))

  5. we love you guys and are so happy chuck had a good life with you. even if it was a short one, she was loved and warm and never hungry. -m&m

  6. So sorry to hear about your cat. Hope she stays comfortable.

  7. awe =[ this post made me teary. . . my kitties are my babies and I couldn't imagine having to go through this! I hope Chuckles has a miracle recovery *Hugs* ♥


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