Thursday, March 4, 2010

I SWEAR today is Saturday!

I spent an entire Friday sleeping in, hanging out, until 2pm, when I realized it was actually Saturday.
Mike had an appointment he was avoiding & as he put it "just went with it"

Sometimes we don't leave the house for a good few days at  a time, in the Winter.
Today we went to Chuck E Cheese (you'll see & hear later), ironically, yesterday we buried Chuck, the cat ( more to come on this, soon, as well)

So now I'm not sure why I started writing this post, I KNOW I had something to tell you.. It was probably really important too.

Um. I added a SHOP page, you can see here, or in the link bar, at the top of the page.

Chuck died, very quickly, yesterday after I posted about her.

Ryan has the terrible two's. Badly.

I made my blog green, today. I'm still awaiting my perfect new banner, so until then, its free game!! I figured, St. Patrick's day is coming up.. I'll be themey.
Do you hate it?

I'll be back, when I remember what I had to say.
I hope.



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  1. I am so sorry about Chuck
    I am digging the green blog though, I like lots!


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