Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I am both a Crayon withholder and an Eraser connisoiur.

Yes I, am a crappy mom.

I'd rather stifle my child's inner creativity than make snakes with Play Doh over & over & over & over again. I also don't like hunting it, and the lids, down around the house.
Ryan has yet to even SEE Play Doh, as Andy's lovely set has been put into a giant tin & shoved in to a backless cabinet with things that haven't been seen since we moved in, in 2006.

I have ventured into the "one crayon at a time" thing, with Ryan this last week. Seeing if he's earned back his privileges after the wall/chalk/crayon/dad/marker incident.

All was good

He ate it!! 

He fucking bit the top off, chewed & said "'d" as I took it from him.

He LIKED it!

I caught him attempting a nibble the other day but intercepted, maybe he grazed the plasticy, waxy  crayon coating & got a taste he just had to go back for.

I strangely found myself feeling like "I know how it is buddy, to enjoy things other people dont understand"

Like, when I wanted to eat dish soap bubbles, when pregnant.
Yeah.. THAT'S normal.

Most people don't tell other people these things..

I felt a small kinship, for my kiddo, I mean, they are non toxic, right??
((I then frantically checked, yep, we're good!))

So, I started this post a week or two ago & then today I gave Andy a new pencil ( prize! )and Ryan wanted one too, they were unsharpened & decorated, why not? He isnt going to take off & poke his eye out, he can hold it & go stab his Elmo with it until he gets bored in 5 minutes & I take it away .

Nope, right to the mouth. I grabberd his hand & told him no. Twice.
Then twice more.Then I took it away.
Then he threw himself on the floor & "swam away" in his flailing fit.

Then I remembered. The house we moved out of when I was 3 years old, my sister & I had twin bed, pink flannel sheets & this lamp, that has a little bird house, with a bird that sits outside ( and is removeable!) and the inside of the house is a nightlight.
I LOVE this lamp. In fact, I refurbished it a few months ago for my kids bedroom.
I started a post about it ...hmm

So, my sister had this little plastic tin of secnted shaped erasers. Like, strawberry & grape & crap. They smelled really good.
I remember being obviously no older than 3, and sneaking out of bed at night & nubbling on the erasers.
I didnt swallow them, just nibbles.
I was apparently a total weirdo, as a kid also.

So.. I kind of felt for Ryan, but no, sorry buddy. No erasers for you.

I relate though, little guy.




  1. heheheeh... luckily the only things my kids try to eat are ... dirt and play dough.. oh Caitlynn tried to eat pine needles the other day.. ::gag::
    they don't get play dough anymore, not much I can do about the dirt LOL. But Caitlynn (3)will color on ANYTHING if you aren't hovering right over her while she is coloring. Though The day Brianna(4) learned to write an A, I found A's on the bathroom wall (luckily in pencil) she said Caitlynn did it @@. Caitlynn was 2 then LMAO

  2. Beth! LOL! I actually ate Pine Needles on my very first Christmas, they had to call poison control & everything!!

  3. Oh I used to chew on those erasers too!

  4. i remember those erasers! you sneaky kid!

  5. I took Andy to the hospital a couple weeks ago to visit my uncle. Andy's 3 year old cousin (who is a few months younger than Andy) was there. My cousin, brought some arts and crafts stuff to keep the kids company. She pulled out a paint set, and I was like ummmm Andy has never painted before. She couldn't believe it. Kept saying how he needs to paint. I keep saying, I'm not about to clean up all that pain off the walls! He did paint with Sammy and did a good job (still cringing). I too only give out a couple crayons......just usually not in the mood for an even bigger mess lol. So I guess I am a bad mommy hehehe

  6. Oh god I hate all things crayola! Playdough is out to kill me! My SIL gave one of my girls moon sand one year for a birthday present and I threw that shit in the garbage before we ever even opened it! I HATE IT! I try...I got the girls an art table for Christmas this last year and I have pretty much thrown out all the markers and crayons and pencils. Now I have to just hand them out on an as needed basis and my girls are 8 & almost 6, but they always leave that shit laying around for the baby to eat and eat she does. It's like a buffet!


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