Monday, March 22, 2010

Giggity Goo!

Spring Break is over.

It was faabbuulouussssss.

I'm blonde & tan.
I just woke up this way, I was pale & dark before Spring Break.

I'm leaving Blogger.
Gettin' my own name.

I'm fairly sure it'll be
My father in law, the web host guru is doing it helping me.
I'm scared. I'm not very savvy, and that html stuff makes my eye balls go all crossed.

I am ONE flipping person away from 200 followers on GFC over there, on the right. It's driving me BONKERS.

So, one of you lovely people out there, will likely follow me, making it an even 200, then I'll switch to a new domain & have to start ALL over again.

I'm going to be staring at these numbers alot, I have a feeling.

I'm really nervous, actually.I fear change & the unknown. I always have. I need to be prepared & I have no idea what to expect. With Blogger, its FOR blogging, so you "start new post" and wala!
I'm pretty sure its going to just be a big blank screen with LOTS of html & I'm nervous I'm going to pee myself with frustration & nerves, while working on it.

Hopefully, I'll make a smooth transition & I REALLY hope you all will follow me there.

I've gotten close to 180 Facebook Fans since I opened the page this month & I feel super awesome to meet all these other people who love me weird random blatherings & pictures.

I REALLY appreciate everyone who RE added my fan page, after I SPELLED it wrong, the first time.

I also appreciate the fact that I have NO concept of time, or days.I mean.. lucky me dude.
My life is so stress free & casual it's like "Oh, its Saturday, not Tuesday? Hm.. Okay" and nothing really changes.

It's going to suck when I have to be an adult.
But, with 2 toddlers, who arent currently in school, or a scheduled class.. well..
It's kinda nice! We don't do "schedules" we just kinda.. do our thing as it comes. I mean, we'll be like "Thursday we have an appointment" or "Saturday lets go to the zoo" or "Lets go to the park, now."
We DO stuff & plan stuff, but we're just kinda get up & go, or take it as it comes, kinda people.

I'm either a really bad awful lazy mom, or a cool hippy free spirit random kinda mom.
Not sure which yet.

We've got A L O T going on over here, I have tons to share with you, giveaways, reviews & some SERIOUS random thoughts I've had going on.We went to the zoo.
It was bananas.

So. Hi! Spring Break is over..I'm BACK!

Do you get a Spring Break, or sorts?
Or did that end when you got out of school, or put your kids IN school, for you?

Will you follow me, to my new site??
I need a little reassurance love confidence boosting comment love!

Is there anything you'd like to see me add, to a new page?
Anything I should take away?
What do you want to see more of?
Kids items, or adult items?
Random creepy pictures with my inner most thoughts attached??

Don't forget, only a few weeks left to vote for me.. I'm still in first place & the prize is $500 to this kids store..PLEASE take 2 sec's to help me. Thanks!

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  1. I love you and all your awesome randomness! I will most definitely re-follow just tell me when and where! As for what to see just keep being your awesome random self and um your giveaways rock so keep those!
    Spring break... what little break we had they took away to make up for snow days BOOOOOOO.

    And BTW I totally want to see a pic of this blond, tan, hot mama!

  2. You've officially reached 200


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