Wednesday, March 10, 2010

EA Active for Wii

I was 21 years old when I got pregnant with Andy. I was awfully skinny & then BAM. Gravity defying stomach, I mean.. seriously.

On Andy's 1st birthday, I was at pre pregnancy weight, again.
The next week I found out I was pregnant with Ryan.
Ryan will be 2, in a about 2 months & I'm ok with admitting that I'm still hanging onto some weight, from being pregnant with him.

Part of my issue is well, I'm lazy, for one. But I just don't find, or give myself time to exercise in between naps, play time, cleaning, blogging,etc.

..Mostly, I'm basically just lazy, I'll admit. I need my interest to be kept, and to not only be reminded, but to want to do something, when it comes to exercise.

EA Active for the Wii, or as we've taken to calling it, the Wi-tness(wii-fitness) or the Wii-kout, or, the Weksercise. My favorite, is the Wacktive.(Wii/active)

Either way you say it, it's fun! It definitely does, take exercise to a different level. This is my first Wii exercise attempt, I planned to play the Wii, when we got it. I really did, just like I planned to make a scrapbook before Andy was born.. he's almost 4. I have the first page done though?!

So, the Wii is still new to me, but I'm finding it pretty easy to navigate as I check out my options & personalize my own fitness plan.

If I was at the weight I was at, before having babies, I'd not only be 21 years old, but I'd be in the "underweight" category.  However, I have some junk in my truck & would love to cardio a good 20 pounds off, to tone back up & all around, get healthier.

So, that's my goal. 20 pounds. Totally do able. Right?

I've been using the EA Active for a month now & here are my thoughts so far, ready??

Wiitness, Wii-kout, Wii'ercise. Either way, I LOVE EA Active.

Yes, I AM the life of the dance floor, little motivational voice lady!!!
I LOVE the dance & cardo dance. Part of my problem, is finding the time for a full work out. I've designed my own programs, so I can hop on for 5 minutes, or just to do my legs during nap time, or just get my heart pumping with a quick boxing routine to take out some aggression..
One of my works outs is just the dancing, one is just the boxing, one is just legs, with a bit of cardio & a cool down.
Each of them have a purpose, for me & my profile. While Mike, can create a profile to track his progress & design HIS personal work outs.

I love the 30 day fitness challenge & I'm slowly working myself up to it, as I get used to the Wii.
There are SO many pre designed work outs that you dont ever have to design your own, if you dont want to. There are cardio, strength, individual body areas, geeze, I havent even looked at them all, yet, to be honest. There are ALOT of options & me & that stupid little clicker are still working on becoming more in sync.

I considered taking pictures, even a video but I dont really want to show you myself sweating & jiggling.
However, since beginning at the start of Feb, I've lost 7 pounds.I lost 15 pounds really quickly, at the start of the year & since then I've been slacking a bit, I will admit. However, 7 pounds isn't shabby for just 20-30 minutes a day of toning & kicking some Wii ass!
It isnt until the snow melts that I tend to get serious about my fitness, there is a reason people gain weight in the Winter & then need some Spring training!!
I'm trying to focus less on the scale numbers, and more on how I look and feel. My skinny jeans,the ones that  I didnt fit comfortably in at the start of using the Wii are now requiring a belt, my thighs have shrunk & so has my waist. I can SEE a difference in the areas I am working.

I've been focusing on legs & arms. I hate cardio, with a passion. I have never had good endurence & I am working on gently losing weight & becoming healthier & stronger  before I kick my own ass with a serious cardio plan.
April 1st is my start date for 30 straight days of Cardio, not only using the 30 day fitness plan, complete with personal settings, journals & logs on EA Active, but I am also going to start our daily walking ( because heelloo Spring!!), and eventually, I want to join a jogging program with the boys!
One of the things on my Bucket List, if you remember, is to compete in a Marathon.
EA Active, plus cardio, strength training & my outdoor jogging plan is my plan to get me to my goal weight AND accomplishments.

I feel good after exercising with the Wii now, I enjoy my kicking ass punches as I work my upper arms & I can't even cheat on my daily squats. ( I tried!)  My butt is aching but my butt is SKINNIER!!

By the end of April, I hope to not only have met, but PASSED my weight loss goal. I believe with a balanced diet, sleep & using EA Active, that I'll be able to meet, or exceed my goal.

My challenge is for those of you who have EA Active as well, lets do it together!
Tell me your favorite personalized routine, I'll tell you mine, lets Wii-kout & get active!!!




  1. Claire doll... I ADORE Wii Active and Wii Active More Workouts. I have lost (are you ready?) 64 lbs thanks to that, WW, and the Hungry girl!! I blogged about it this week on my blog because I so love it. I finally found the way for me to exercise and NOT die. Yes and I can't wait for the new one this fall!!

  2. I've been curious about the Wii fitness programs and wondered if any of them were worthwhile. I just got my son a Wii for Christmas. I'm due to deliver child number two in about five weeks, but have been wondering how I'll get in my exercise everyday. I already plan to have a personal trainer twice a week, but I have trouble with motivation when left to my own devices. This might be worth a try.....EA Fitness is the one you recommend?

  3. I have the wii fit, and I'm all eh about it, it's ok but I just don't really play video games.. ever.. That and I can't ever use it with out it being 9 o-clock at night or the kids all over me.. I haven't used it in over a year... I should.. I went UP a pant size this year.. But instead I'm walking more chasing the kids like crazy and trying to teach my 7 year old to ride a 2 wheeler. My whole body hurt after pushing him and running with him for an hour straight yesterday... my fat pants still fit though, so now I'm just gonna go cry in the corner and eat some chocolate.. ok?
    Love ya hun!


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