Thursday, March 25, 2010

Check out Plan Toys new toys.

If you guys remember, we are huge fans of Plan Toys, over here.

They recently launched some new items & we got to check out this great new click clack toy called the Clatter!

It's a simple wooden toy that can make noise any way you wiggle, shake & rattle it. It's definately better for a younger child, I think Ryan would have really enjoyed it around a year old.

It's a great quality toy that I feel safe about giving my children & it reminded us its time to start shopping for Ryan's up coming 2nd birthday.

I'm looking at getting some little cars & people, so far. I love these little wooden guys;

Ryan has been into small figures he can hold & carry around and make "dance & stuff"

What I'd REALLY like to get for both boys is the table set,with the top & the drawer. Oohh..or THIS.

Maybe for Andy's big 4th birthday, we'll finally get a train table & set!

Check out the new selection of Plan Toys, because we all only want the best toys for our kids & Plan Toys has something for each child, no matter their age or interest.

What do you think Ryan would like best for his birthday?

Or a selection of mini cars & trucks, like this one?
What about you? 
What is your favorite, new, or not, Plan Toy?

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  1. Ohh if he likes people I would sooo go for the city station :) super cute, and it looks like something other people could add on to ;) LOVE it!


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