Wednesday, February 3, 2010

wordless wednesday..


Baby. I was born to break rules

Plus, I secretly hate this game b/c Wednesday is one of my top misspelled words.

Much like the word February. I hate it too. I misspell it every time. The only thing good about it, is that its a short month. Except when it comes to bills, that's bad, because they come quicker in the crappily named month of February.(thank-god for spell check!)
Mike was born this month & I feel bad for him for that.
It's just a lame named month. If it had a better name, I'd like it more.
If I was going to give birth in Februray, I'd ask for induction, or with my past knowledge of holding babies past 42 weeks, I'd keep that sucker in there until March!! (  don't even get me started on November)

Anyway! On to the picture.

I know. Best picture EVER. I cant even name all the reasons Andy is SO awesome, right here, in this very picture. The fact that I randomly captured his hand in such a sweet sign ( isn't that like, OK, or something, in some surfer language, or something?)
His dads hat? The football? The adorable rolled up sleeves from his cowboy outfit?? The slight in turn of his toes? The sweet pursed lips, or turned down ears, under the too big daddy hat??
I know, its priceless. Especially for a non normal person like me, I will forever treasure this picture of my 3 year old, in a Coors hat, looking like he's ready to go play some ball with his frat brothers. Yo.




  1. It's definitely an awesome picture!

  2. Such a cute picture! That should go up on a wall somewhere for sure.


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