Thursday, February 18, 2010

I was recently reading on Facebook, a friend who is having a big of trouble with some of the students in her child's classroom. The discussion, about how due to the No Child Left Behind Law, sometimes, children who might not be best placed in certain classrooms, are there anyway, despite the troubles they cause for other students.

Man.. I am not excited for my kids to go to school.
Public, private, home schooling, it's all out there & there is so much to delve into, it's almost scary.
I feel like I just got out of school, and before too long I'll be struggling helping my kids with their own school work.
Math and I do NOT get a long.
At all.
That will be what Mike is for!

Recently, I came across a site,for free online tutoring, no matter what type of schooling, for levels k-12, no matter what the need, you can find an online tutor!
I had to share it, because while my kids aren't in school yet, many of yours are! Not to mention all the college mamas who are heading back to school now, can help with college classes as well.

I love it, I remember doing school work & I wish I'd had a simple online solution for math help, like is available now! Type in your questions, submit & connect. A tutor will get back to you & actually help you solve, not give the answer to, your problem.

Now, you can connect to a tutor, anytime you need. You can find math tutors online,use the math problem solver, college students can even use this online math tutor, to help with classes that extend beyond grades k-12.

Now, using, you can find a math tutor, available online, at the best prices possible. For those of you who have children, or even in your adult learning, who need an extra hand to bounce your questions off of, look into an online math tutor.

I know I will be, when I go back to school in the next year!



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