Monday, February 8, 2010


I added a little question box  to my blog. Over there --->

Ask me questions.


Sorry, my sister said Hooray like, 5 times when she was here over Christmas & its like, burned in my brain. Who says hooray anyway? Besides my sister, of course.

It's been weirding me out & popping up in unexpected places.

Like, I was shopping on ( i bought myself a gigantic gummy bear. Yes. I really did. Diabetic coma, here I come)

Anyway.. this gum was titled "Hooray!! Your a bitch!" or something equally as clever & wonderful & random for a pack of gum.
I can't find it but here is some cat butt gum.

Damnit... I just ordered & now I see they have bacon gumballs. My brother in law NEEDS those.

No,I didnt buy this, for those of you wondering,

Why?? Because 12,9999 calories is too much??
Because I'm sure as hell not spending $30 on a giant gummy bear.
I got this one, instead.

Still creepily large  & unnecessary but only $10! When I said I liked gummy candy, I wasnt lying.
And really, I just felt the need to buy something for myself, while buying Mike some birthday stuff.  Giant gummy bear vs cat poop was a toss up.

So.. anyway.. the point of this was, go leave me a question! It'll make me feel special & loved, and considering what time of the month it is (ew, I did just over share, didn't i? Oh well, too late now!)  if you don't, I might eat your face off.




  1. Yummmmmmmmy! My husband loves gummy bears. I'm gonna check out that site. Hooray!

  2. Matty loves gummy bears! Do I say hooray, I email it lately but don't remember saying it. Maybe it was to the boys?

    I loved the Seaside Heights stuff. I remember seeing my first bikini thong (yuck) there too. Jersey...

    Did I really tell Dad to dunk you? Did he? At least we are not one of those families who just throws you in?

    Love you!

  3. I met my husband in Sleazeside Heights.

  4. I would totally get that massive gummy bear for myself. yum.


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