Saturday, February 6, 2010

Small Talk Six

6 Favorite Things that are Pink.

1.) Babies. My babies,more specifically.. I mean, they're "pink" arent they? Andy is a good shade of white (Twihards be jealous) but Ryan is a pretty pink little guy!

2.) Anything with frilly girly junk attached. It's my deep dark secret.
I can only take it in small doses, but I truly adore me some of that seriously frilly girlie stuff!!
My BFF Sierra, makes the most gorgeous little girl clothes, check out her shop , Simply Sew Chic. I secretly look at her creations sometimes & my lower lip pouts a bit, how sweet are her pictures & those adorable little clothes??!! They're MY style of girly & they give me warm  fuzzies.

3.) Flowers. I dig em in pink, or red, or whatever, really.

4.) Victoria's Secret. Pink.

5.)  Lipgloss.Nail polish.Blush.


I am apparently not as big a Pink fan, as I thought! I started this one 2 weeks ago & until publish, I just couldnt find anything that really struck me, that was pink, in my life!





  1. Mmmm that cupcake looks yummy and that dress for darn cute!

  2. AWWWWW!!! Madison's Special Made dress made it to Claire's blog :D :D

  3. I love Victora's Secrets pink!

  4. Skye calls all white people Pink....I am her pink mom and my parents are her Nana and Poppa Pink so I think it's totally appropriate to call your children pink :) They're probably some of my most favorite pink things too.

  5. Hailey, I knew I got the Pink skin/people thing from somewhere! My lovely Skye!!! I love her & her sayings =)


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