Sunday, February 14, 2010

Repair Pal

Do you guys remember all the car trouble we had this year?? Ugh!

We bought a car, a 2005 Chrysler Pacifica.
I LOVE it.

I talked the guy down close to $3k, in all, tax, title, license, out the door at the price I told Mike was my final offer, before we even walked in the dealership.

I of course, did my research, I knew the car was at the dealership, I knew I wanted to check it out & luckily, it happened to work out.

However, 2000 miles later, it pooped out. Luckily, the dealership assisted in taking care of it, but it made us realize, we dont have a repair shop, we call "our own" in this area yet.

Sure enough, a flat tire later, thank goodness for AAA, and we still need to find a shop to call ours. I came across this site, Repair Pal

For example, say you live in Houston, Houston auto repair. And bamn, you have not only a top 10 list, but a map, and a selection to help find which shop is even best for your make & model of car! Love it.

You can search by your car type, as well, maybe you have a Acura Integra.You can keep up with recalls,FAQs about your specific make or model, to see if others have an issue your do, or to learn more about, if your looking to purchase!

You can even learn more about, say tune ups or  an oil change. You can find estimates, learn about, find shops or the parts & numbers to do it yourself. Just about anything your looking for.

Repair Pal is perfect for the DIY guy who needs reference, or, for if the DIY guy messes up, you can find a reputable shop to fix his mess!

Check it out, next time you have car troubles too!!

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