Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mike got his tattoo!!

Mike got his tattoo last Thursday. After fucking Larry canceled, he was able to squeeze Mike in Thursday night.I was able to have my mom come watch the kids, so I could go catch at least half of it being done.
All my tat's are on my back, so I've never actually watched much of it being done in person, much less up super close. I have to say, the blood pin poking through the skin is my favorite part. I got all excited just watching it & I cant WAIT until I can get my new one done, myself!!!

. I have to share the awesome things that happened while I watched..

I of course, bothered fucking Larry with questions because, well, I'm nosy.
I asked what the weirdest tattoo he ever did was. ( a star INSIDE a womans vagina) what the coolest was ( a couple, both got on their hip, an open face pb on one, jelly on one, sandwich. So they "make a full sandwich" when they..well, you know!

 I also asked if anyone was ever unhappy with their end result, because uh, it IS permanent! He told me one guy insisted a cloud, in his tattoo looked like a penis. He changed it a bit & the guy was fine, but he kept swearing that Larry did it on purpose.
Fucking Larry..maybe he did!!!

Some girl who looked 16 came in in her pajamas. She was getting tattooed in the next cubical, or whatever, it's called.. "the tattoo cubbyhole" perhaps
So of course, I'm listening to her talk, because I am SO nosy..
when I hear the priceless words
"so my friends dared me, to get this on my ass..I figure..I was passing a tattoo shop why not"

Yes my child, EXCELLENT reasoning.

So, I go back to my own business, bothering fucking LARRY who is doing Mikes tattoo, and annoying Mike.  I hear  "I figure, I can make some money with this"

This leaves far too much for interpretation..All I know is it took about 5 minutes, so, it was small.

Let's imagine what she got together, shall we??

                   Her nickname?

                     Smiley face!!

                            A heart?

                 ...hmmm baaaccoonnn....

We can only assume & dream it's actually bacon because, likely, it's a lipstick kiss. 
That's the trademark stamp of what I call "lifers" in the stripper world. 
Yes. It's in the stripper handbook.

Incase you didnt know. Now you do. Thank god.

So, are you ready for Mike's tattoo??
I made a montage, because it's been awhile since I made one, and we all know how much I love montages!!
I should get a montage tattooed on MY ass, THAT'S how much I love them!

Crap. I just realized maybe she meant make money like, from the bet. Maybe her friends bet money on it... 

No, I'd much rather pretend she was a strung out stripper on her way to get some crack before work. WAY more exciting...

Either way, listen & tell me what you think!! If you listen closely, in this clip, you can hear her talking!

What do YOU think she got tattooed on her ass???




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  2. A hot dog. She definitely got a hot dog.


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