Saturday, February 6, 2010

Love me, hate me..

Say what you want about me..

Really! Please, just talk about me!

Really though, I would like some feedback! I'm trying to find the layout I am looking for as I adjust my blog to be more user friendly, PR & brand friendly & all around  more rad.
Yes rad.

I'm considering bringing the word "rad" back.
Watch, in 5 months I'll be all "I told you so, that was all me bitches"

I digress.
Blog work, html, lots of numerical codes to make my poor dyslexic brain ache. 

I am still, trying to find my niche. My spot, my perfect layout, design & all around "me" ness to my blog.

So, you guys get to watch my construction  because I am not bright enough to hide it until I'm ready to unveil & to be honest, I need to "see" things in order to work on them.

I'd love any constructive criticism. I'm just working on the layout right now, the graphics will all come in time. Until then, I might just put up random weird pictures, I'm not sure. Maybe I'll just leave it blank.

So, tell me your thoughts.
Is there anything you'd like to see from me?
Not just in terms of how my site looks, but is there anything, in general, yoiu'd like to see this year?

Any products I should check out, for review?
Any websites I'm missing?
Topics to me mutilated?
People to offend?
Do you have any secret question your dying to ask me??
I'm thinking about adding a question box, to my page. Would you be into that??

Let me know your thought, since you ARE the ones who have to read this crap I call my thoughts!




  1. This current layout is really clean and easy to read

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  3. Ummm, I would just like to see more of you this year. Yup, just you :P


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