Saturday, February 13, 2010

I'm am sew not stoopid...And a tattoo.

That's right, stoopid.
With 2 O's, as I had to explain to Mike today.
It's even worse than being stupid.
Your stoopid.
That's so dumb it isn't even spelled right.

My birthday gift to Mike, was a tattoo.
We're still poor struggling college students, mind you, so until Mike graduates, we don't splurge on ourselves much, we basically buy the necessities & that's it.
Mike has been working so hard & doing so well at blasting through school, I wanted his birthday to really be about him recieving things for him & him alone.
You know the guy people are like "wtf should I buy for him..uh, I guess this.." and they get a random thing? That's Mike.

It took me a while myself, to even think of it.
But, this year, that was his gift.
(seriously, I felt like a kid as I assessed how much I could put towards this "do I have enough now, mommy??" Geeze)
I TOTALLY surprised my husband with the gift of a big, new, expensive permanant reminder of how much I love him.
However, he refuses to get  "Claires bitch" tattood across his neck, no matter how much I beg. I'm pissed.

But whatever. So, we went to lunch today & stopped in to make an appointment. Tomorrow at 3:30 it is!

I've had something I've wanted to get tattooed for over a year now. I like to be overly cautious with things that are oh..permanent and or reeallyy expensive & painful to get removed. (Condoms also help you stay away from these things, kiddos)

So, today I took my copy of what I want done, a long with Mike when we went in. I have an offer on the table, for a good price,good work, yada yada. He has a few hours Mike has reserved for his ink, tomorrow & said "I can do it then, you guys can take my entire day that way..decide tonight & we'll see tomorrow."

So. Mike set up his appointment & we left.
I said "lets go home & get me naked & decided where I should get this" because the reason I've been waiting so long is, I just cant pick a spot.

Well. I got it., It's perfect. Everythign is perfect.

Now, here is the stoopid part.

I'm of course,am still reasoning with myself in my head.

Which has gone a little like this;

Me- "Dude..just do it, I mean, you dont live forever, why not do these fun things, and enjoy NOW! You've thought it out, just do it! It's a chance to do something new & fun & you might as well enjoy it now, because, well, when your dead..well, your dead. So.. this is life, this is now, just go for it"

Me- "Oh man, yeah! That totally makes is just.... now.. in the minute..I gotta grab it by the balls. Hell yeah! You only live once, enjoy it!!!"

(((((head scratch)))))

Me- "wait.. you do only live once..

.................but what if you live a really long time... and get a really shitty stupid tattoo..because then, you have to live with it..the rest of your life..A LONG  life.. with a fucked up tattoo "

Me- ...I guess I could just get it on my back, because then I dont have to look at it.."

Me-.. but whats the point in getting it, if you don't ever see it?

(((((like all your other tattoos, moron?)))))

Me- "FUCK!!!"

And now I'm here. My Mike is being  a big whiney indecisive baby. Actually, thats me, and he wants me to leave him alone & either just decide to get the tattoo of shut the  fuck up about it already.


Tell me what to do.

Not you mom.
Or you, sister.
Or dad.

No talking for you.



  1. Lol Claire! I am horrible about deciding where I want my next tattoo to go lol. I say go ahead with it and get it lol!

  2. I have 3 of my own I love them more than anything. THey have specail meaning. Your right you only do LIVE once. GO GET THE TATTOO

  3. Just make sure it's not STOOPID or lame, or in a sucky spot.


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