Friday, February 26, 2010

If you'll all take a second to read this.

I just wanted to say thank you. To all my readers. Some of you I know & some of you I am getting to know. I'm excited every time someone posts  a comment, if you've posted a million before, or its your first one.
You all give me warm fuzzies, please, don't stop!!! ..Don't EVER stop!!!

((beliieeevviinnggg..hold on to that feeeeeeeeeeling!)))

Blogging is so much fun for me & I really doenjoy it (well, about 90% of the time, atleast!) & I appreciate each one of you stopping by, even if you don't leave a comment & letting me know your here.

I originally started this blog for fun & posted silly reviews I wrote up for humor alone.
Remember my hop balls post???
 Our Rody Pony actually got a leak, with in 6 months, they have a 1 year guarantee but I never did anything about it.I'm thinking about contacting them now. That could be a fun  R&G!!

I've been lucky enough to learn alot, from Trisha, at Momdot in this last year & wow, has my blog changed.

I appreciate each of you who stick by & read me, even when I get all anti social & weird & don't post for a week or so.

I've tried some amazing products & now, I'm having the opportunity to do some fun new stuff on my blog,.
As you all know, Mike is a college student, I'm a stay at home mom. I dont often talk about finances, or our "life" in a really personal tone. However, we are at that time in our life, trying to finish school & become "adults" as I say, that any way of bringing in, some income REALLY helps. I'm not frugal & green because its cool, people. It's because I need to be cheap & smart with our finances!!

I've learned, from Trisha, that yes. You CAN make $50 in a day by blogging.
As much time as I spend, in reviewing products, writing about them, maintaining my website & slacking off looking for weird pictures. It's like, at the least, a part time job for me.
I'm by no means a "big blogger"
No one "knows of me" in the blog world.
But! I do love what I do here, no matter how many people know me, or read me. I just enjoy doing this.

So, I'm excited to have been accepted into some awesome blog programs, networks & groups & I hope you'll all take a second to check them out, for me!

I won't sell out, and write about something absolutely stupid & pointless, well, other than my own thoughts, of course.
I'll always try to keep relevant & only blog about things I would be blogging about anyway...
Unless there is potentially the chance to make some mad money from writing about something like enemas, or fiber supplements (although, not likely together) Then I will totally blog about that shit & nag you to read it.

I hope you'll take a second to check out the links that are new on my page.

I've been accepted into an awesome mom blogger network, Juice Box Jungle, which you can see, right over there ------->
They have hilarious videos, places to read blogs, talk with other moms & take funny quizzes.
They are just as funny & up front as I am & I LOVE that about Juice Box Jungle!!
If your a mom blogger, or just a mom. You should definitely check JBJ out.

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Yes. It's for real. You CAN make money using Twitter while promoting some awesome causes, companies, organizations & events.
I also have a cute little icon, over to the right. For companies to use, so PR folks, feel free to check it out. If I've worked with you before, or not,It's a great tool for tweeter's and PR to both look into.

Like I said, I won't steer you wrong.. Unless they pay me MAJOR cash.. then it's all anal-gese cream write ups for you people to read.And I wont even be sorry..

I've finally found my medium of taking on reviews & projects, while still being able to post about what I started my blog for, me, my life & my thoughts!
I officially feel like I am "here" in blogging.
I am exactly where I want to be with my blog, for now & I am excited to be here!!!




  1. I love your blog, even if I don't comment I usually get a chuckle out of reading :o) I'm happy for you!

    I started blogging awhile back but it's really just for my shop-a-holic friends. I have done a few review type posts (BzzAgent and MyBlogSpark), but I don't even know how to really get into that sort of thing. I don't think I post enough real content anyway.


  2. " enemas, or fiber supplements (although, not likely together) Then I will totally blog about that shit ..."

    Hmmmm, loose and watery, or bulked up and not so soft. Yeah, great, thanks.

    I <3 you stinkface!!!

  3. Hey, congratulations! I love to see blogs taking off like this. I'm hoping to do the same. I'm going to keep an eye out for your EA Active giveaway, yahoo!


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