Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I like your blog..

 I recently shared how fucking gross not only my husband, but dog are. If you didn't see that, here it is.

And yes, I did.
I made my own little "I like you" picture for all of you favorites out there.

But mostly just Becky.

Because since finding her blog,Steam Me Up,Kid, it's like a window of fresh air has been opened, into my dog who eats poop world!!
I used to be all "okay weirdo" when people told me about blog hopping & being die hard blog followers & all that fun stuff.
Now, I get a creepy stalker feeling when I comment more than 3 times in a row on someones blog, but I'm learning to shed my anxiety because some of my new favorites are just too good to not be all stalkeratzy on.

Becky..this is for you.

Are muffins just ugly cupcakes?

I finally have forced other people to see this disgusting picture I can't stop staring at. Ew you can see the cat litter still on it..


Your welcome.

Damn, I could just stop here, but I won't..

Believe me, if you'd like to put this on your blog, then consider yourself tagged baby.

But, here are some of my blog favorites, that yes, I DO like, as much (but not more!) as my dog likes eating cat shit.

Becky @ Steam Me Up,Kid. 
She inspired all of this.((gives grand hand gesture to amazing picture of dog eating shit))

Allie @ Hyperbole and a Half 
I found her blog yesterday, through Steamy.
I want one of her awesome drawings for my blog header. What do you think, wouldn't it be perfectly "me"?!

Barefoot Foodie. I have loved her since I found her, last year and I don't think I can ever stop loving her now.I even found out she lives in the same state at me, recently. It's like she is destined to be my new BFF.

I also thoroughly enjoy;
Tena's Therapy

You've Got to be Kidding Me


The entire cast of Aiming Low.

Tales from LaLa Land.

The Bloggess ( i found her last night, hiilarious)

A Whole Lot of Nothing.
Even though she did de bunk the lie my husband has been using in his stories for years now, people (of any religion, as Urban Dictionary pointed out) do not, in fact, ever,  have sex through a hole in the sheet.
You know how someone tells someone something & they think its the truth to the point that they even use it in passing references. At which time people look at said person like they're fucking stupid because the something that person was told that they just said was just a stupid joke or tale, or myth.

That was me.


OMFG!!!! I FORGOT SOMEONE!!! A very wonderful blog, which in fact, I remembered, laying in bed last night. I just didnt want to get out of bed, and I forgot, until now.


Miss Yvonne @ Yo Moma's Blog.

She is fucking hilarious. Read her!



  1. I was here BEFORE you came to tell me, but I felt like a stalker or a kid peeking at presents before Christmas so I left.

    I LOVE that award! I love how the dog is caught mid-chew, it looks like.

    I will wear it proudly. My sidebar's stainy dog anus finally has a friend. Thank you!

  2. OMG I am CRYING I'm laughing so hard! Steam Me Up kid is hilarious!!

  3. So many of my favorite blogs are listed here!
    I'll check out the others.
    Thanks for following! I'll now be spending the rest of a blizzard reading everything you've ever posted. Consider yourself stalked.


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