Monday, February 15, 2010

I have the winter blahs...

I really do.
I live in Ohio, which means last week, it was 50 degrees & now we have 2 feet of slowly melting snow.
It's cold, it keeps snowing, there is no end in sight, our house is small & closing in from the snow because I;m trapped with 2 toddlers and I'm getting crabby! ( to say the least, eh?)

Mike & I "ghost shop"
Okay..I, ghost shop, everything from makeup, to clothes, to realty!

I've been Googling, looking for a vacation,a get away, for us, this summer, aka I've mainly been oogling warm places that I can't be but wish I were, right now.

Myrtle Beach resorts are looking awfully nice, right about now. Although, with the crazy weather the South is having,  it might not be much of a change from Ohio at the rate this winter has been going so far!

Mike loves golf, and I love being lazy, so an ocean front Myrtle beach resort is right up our ally.
I could lay on the beach,he could golf, we could wine & dine & wonder how Grandma was holding up, because she'd have the kids. My imaginary vacation I am planning right now doesnt include the boys, sorry kiddos!

What do you think?

A little golf...

some sun and scenery..

Or, whats going on in my yard,right now?

Yep. Myrtle Beach beach resort,  for me too. I'll be bookmarking & coming back to check out these great Myrtle Beach resorts for spring break,when the snow is melted & the South, is officially, warmer than the North, as intended.
Calgon take me the BEACH! Beach Resorts Myrtle Beach, to be exact!

What is the weather like, where you are, right now?
Where ARE you?
Do you wish you were somewhere warm, or do you enjoy the snowy months?

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  1. I am feeling much like you and dreaming of umbrella laden cocktails I sip while sitting under an ubrella, book in hand, seaside.

  2. Freezing my butt off in PA! It is snowing as I type!

  3. it is freezing here in Va with oh about 30 inches of snow in my front yard. It isn't snowing now but it was earlier today... Right now my dream vacation would be a hot shower and no one could find me... it would be quiet :) LOL


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