Saturday, February 27, 2010

How I met your father. Don't listen in, my innocent children.

Before I met Mike, I was a serial monogomist. AKA.. I was never single for long before a new boyfriend popped up.

I don't talk about Mike much, or my personal life, anymore, in depth. but I feel like changing that today.

This picture is of Mike & I, at a friends house, on my 21st birthday. I had gotten out of the hospital, from a 2 day stay about 24 hours before this picture. People were coming out to the the show, playing at the bar, I worked at. Since I had been ill, we just swang out for a bit & then hung out with some friends.

I met Mike during a weird stage of life. I was 20 years old, and had been a bad relationship for almost 2 years. I'm talking the type of bad that involves alot of snowy white nose candy, money, and pain.
Like "I'm going to pick a fight with you & stop talking to you  because I'm going to dissapear for a week while I do drugs & probably fuck hookers. So mean things mean things mean things ..Ok..I can pretend I'm single .. but..will you pick me up at the airport when I get home??" type of pain.

I was working at a bar. I hadn't been working, for quite some time & I KNEW how bad this relationship was for me. Like most abusive ( of any form) relationships I just couldnt seem to get out of it. I figured, a job would give me a requirement, to be away from him until I was ready & strong enough to make the break for myself.
Which it was. As the story inevitably shows.

My ex would say he'd swing in to see me & then never show up & dissapear for said week, as described above. I remember it was Friday, or Saturday night. Every time the door opened to the bar, I checked to see if it was him.
I had on a denim mini skirt, a cropped wrap around pink cashmere sweater over a tank top & furry boots.
Women's Bailey Button UGG Boots, CHESTNUT, Size 8I LOVE furry boots..
They are truly the best thing about Winter...
And pairing them with mini skirts & leg warmers, is still a DO in my book, but only if done right, of course.

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It was the middle of December.
Every time the door opened I sighed, because it wasn't my douche bag, and then, as I leaned against the counter, the door opened, I turned to see who was walking in next.. annnnddd I saw him.

He was wearing jeans & a light blue sweater. A light brown coat. And I thought "daaayyyuummm"
Then I went back to work.
I remember, it was a busy evening.
Finally, amidst doing shots, waiting tables, taking orders & charming everyone I could, I found myself taking a quick break to sit with my friends, who were drinking in the corner of the bar.
Someone said "Oh hey, introduce her to Mike" and I was introduced to the cute guy I'd seen walk in the door.
He shook my hand & went back to playing his pinball game with someone else.
I was shocked, no one DIDNT talk to me.
I was rediculously hot, ok??

((((hair flip))))

Someone said "He's going to Akron soon, you oughta hook him up with one of your friends" and I remember, I felt it.
That twingey feeling your heart gets, when you are stricken with jealousy.
I still feel it, right now, in my chest just thinking about the moment.
Why the hell was I so jealous & concerned over this random guy I didn't even know??
I HAD a boyfriend!!!

That night was so busy at the bar, before I knew it, I looked over & everyone had left, moved on in the bar crawl of the night.

Fast forward one crappy week later, I'm crying to my friend, who was bartending at work, as I drove in to bitch & complain how douche bag & I just broke up. I plopped down & started a pout as she slipped me some liquour in my soda & relaxed.
Then I looked to my left.

Annnddd I saw him!! Again. Mr. Handsome from the night before. I'd be lying if I said that I didnt put on some lip gloss, perk up & forget about whatshisface who had me so upset to begin with.
 What can I say, I can get over things, and people, quickly, if I want!!

You could say the rest is history, from there.

But oh... an interesting, bumpy, CRAZY, hysterical, learning & fun history it has been!!!

Maybe I'll save the rest for another time, if anyone is interested in what happened next, that is!!!



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