Saturday, February 27, 2010

How I met your father. Don't listen in, my innocent children.

Before I met Mike, I was a serial monogomist. AKA.. I was never single for long before a new boyfriend popped up.

I don't talk about Mike much, or my personal life, anymore, in depth. but I feel like changing that today.

This picture is of Mike & I, at a friends house, on my 21st birthday. I had gotten out of the hospital, from a 2 day stay about 24 hours before this picture. People were coming out to the the show, playing at the bar, I worked at. Since I had been ill, we just swang out for a bit & then hung out with some friends.

I met Mike during a weird stage of life. I was 20 years old, and had been a bad relationship for almost 2 years. I'm talking the type of bad that involves alot of snowy white nose candy, money, and pain.
Like "I'm going to pick a fight with you & stop talking to you  because I'm going to dissapear for a week while I do drugs & probably fuck hookers. So mean things mean things mean things ..Ok..I can pretend I'm single .. but..will you pick me up at the airport when I get home??" type of pain.

I was working at a bar. I hadn't been working, for quite some time & I KNEW how bad this relationship was for me. Like most abusive ( of any form) relationships I just couldnt seem to get out of it. I figured, a job would give me a requirement, to be away from him until I was ready & strong enough to make the break for myself.
Which it was. As the story inevitably shows.

My ex would say he'd swing in to see me & then never show up & dissapear for said week, as described above. I remember it was Friday, or Saturday night. Every time the door opened to the bar, I checked to see if it was him.
I had on a denim mini skirt, a cropped wrap around pink cashmere sweater over a tank top & furry boots.
Women's Bailey Button UGG Boots, CHESTNUT, Size 8I LOVE furry boots..
They are truly the best thing about Winter...
And pairing them with mini skirts & leg warmers, is still a DO in my book, but only if done right, of course.

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It was the middle of December.
Every time the door opened I sighed, because it wasn't my douche bag, and then, as I leaned against the counter, the door opened, I turned to see who was walking in next.. annnnddd I saw him.

He was wearing jeans & a light blue sweater. A light brown coat. And I thought "daaayyyuummm"
Then I went back to work.
I remember, it was a busy evening.
Finally, amidst doing shots, waiting tables, taking orders & charming everyone I could, I found myself taking a quick break to sit with my friends, who were drinking in the corner of the bar.
Someone said "Oh hey, introduce her to Mike" and I was introduced to the cute guy I'd seen walk in the door.
He shook my hand & went back to playing his pinball game with someone else.
I was shocked, no one DIDNT talk to me.
I was rediculously hot, ok??

((((hair flip))))

Someone said "He's going to Akron soon, you oughta hook him up with one of your friends" and I remember, I felt it.
That twingey feeling your heart gets, when you are stricken with jealousy.
I still feel it, right now, in my chest just thinking about the moment.
Why the hell was I so jealous & concerned over this random guy I didn't even know??
I HAD a boyfriend!!!

That night was so busy at the bar, before I knew it, I looked over & everyone had left, moved on in the bar crawl of the night.

Fast forward one crappy week later, I'm crying to my friend, who was bartending at work, as I drove in to bitch & complain how douche bag & I just broke up. I plopped down & started a pout as she slipped me some liquour in my soda & relaxed.
Then I looked to my left.

Annnddd I saw him!! Again. Mr. Handsome from the night before. I'd be lying if I said that I didnt put on some lip gloss, perk up & forget about whatshisface who had me so upset to begin with.
 What can I say, I can get over things, and people, quickly, if I want!!

You could say the rest is history, from there.

But oh... an interesting, bumpy, CRAZY, hysterical, learning & fun history it has been!!!

Maybe I'll save the rest for another time, if anyone is interested in what happened next, that is!!!




  1. Um...yes, share the rest. BTW...LOVED the title of the post!

  2. Always interested in what happens next! :-)

  3. yes yes yes! let's hear the rest! i love you guys!

  4. Haha, remind me to tell you our crazy story, unedited, sometime.

  5. Love Love Love that you are soooo honest and yet hilarious at same time about your life!

  6. What the fuck dude, getting blue balls over the fact you haven't posted part two yet

  7. Uh, hi. You're gorgeous. I'm jealous! Moving on to part 2 of the story!

  8. It's a good story! And I'm glad that you got away from that creep.


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