Monday, February 8, 2010

Hi, my name is Claire. I'm addicted to bad reality TV shows.

I say I'm not a big TV watcher, but truth be told, if you cancel out my Ugly Betty (which just got the ax! Boo!!) or Grey's Anatomy I might punch you in the baby maker.

In the last few years, I've found that I do, in fact, love me some reality TV. The trashierclassier & sluttierfunnier the girls, the better!!
For a girl who isn't too sure about her religious views, I do admit,I am still praying every night that Bret NEVER finds true love just so I can watch him & his lips & hairbandana for thew rest of my LIFE.

I did,DO, love Jersey Shore. Critics be damned!
I myself have my own Jersey Shore memories. Of Seaside Heights,the same boardwalk, to be exact. My first time to the ocean. Ha!

I remember my dad winning like, 3 years worth of Tootsie Rolls on the board walk, seeing thong bikini's for the first time,finding something creepy & dead in the ocean & my sister insisting my dad dunk me in the waves. Which traumatized me.By the way.I was like, 8. Or however old you are before you go into 3rd grade.

So I want to know..

Who is watching The Secrets of Aspen???

Anyone??? I know I cant be the only one!!

Okay because.. these chicks are like..old right??
I mean..isnt this MTV???? Or VH1, or something?? It's like they're trying to do a version of the Real Housewives...right?

Alright, lets google together..

 Ah. It's on VH1.. They do old people stuff. Rock of Love.

"Secrets of Aspen"

..Ooh! SwagBuck..

Fun factMike was actually born in Vail,CO. His mom was scheduled to get down off the mountain for a c-section with him, very few people are actually born IN Vail. However, she went into labor & there just wasn't time to get her down. Mike is the 30th, or 50th, or something,  person to be born in the actual city of Vail.

Okay.. So, this chick... Laura.

Is fucking bananas. Like. wacked out psycho. Fo sho. Plus, she has a mole. Like, a Cindy Crawford, but I'M NOT Cindy Crawford mole..the kind you just stare at..
I wonder if she's has laser treatment to keep a hair from going out of it... Because she seems like a real witch!

I mean, how the fuck old is this bitch anyway?? She has children, however, is on a reality TV show stealing peoples men from their private dates. Seriously. Way to role model, ma!

Seriously. Am I the only person out there who is watching this show? Because, I feel really really pathetic, to be quite honest!.. Just not pathetic enough to stop watching, I lurve it. I'm one of those awful people who cant stop watching, and is why they keep creating more & more trashy, awful reality shows.

Your welcome.




  1. Ok...I've never heard of this show. Might have to check it out. I admit, I'm a sucker for 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom. I love the drama!

  2. Ok, I am watching too... yes, I am slightly ashamed.


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