Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hey YOU. Reading this..Do me a favor.

Yes YOU.
You ..sitting there thinking I'm not talking about YOU.
I know your there.
Don't make me get all Google Analytical on you because I will.

Hi, to my 25 LA Readers. Your my sexy sunny bunch. 

Can I come visit & stay with one of you??

Actually..can I stay with whoever is in West Hollywood??

So, here is what I really really need you to do, for me.

I'm in first place for a $500 gift certificate.I need to stay in first place.. This will take seconds & be reasonably painless, ok??

Step 1,) If you have a Facebook,  Visit the Childrens Orchard Green Mom contest HERE.

Step 2,) Become a FAN.

Step 3,) Scroll down to find my entry, Claire Hale.

Step 4,) LIKE my post.


That's all you have to do, is be a fan, so then you can LIKE my post.

Like me, please.

Then come back here & tell me that you did it, so I can publicly express some love for you. Or privately, if your embarrassed & would prefer my PDA's be kept to a minimum.




  1. Going off to like you now, or maybe I should say I'm off to show you some "luv". Good Luck!!!

  2. It wont let me "like" it :( It just says Share on it no like :/

  3. I did it, finally!!! Love ya, Claire. and p.s. I'm only about 45 minutes from LA, so you come visit anytime and we'll go party in West Hollywood!!


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