Saturday, February 27, 2010

Guess what?

Re Post, new link added, please add as a FAN, again, the site has changed because I typo'd my own name in the title & couldnt change it, I had to re do it & all prior FANS were lost.
I'm a moron..Sorry!

You can now be a Fan of Are Muffins Just Ugly Cupcakes on Facebook!! Go, here!!! Or click the cute little linky over on the right.

It's not my personal page, because some of you creepies are well, creepy.
But,its an in between mix of just a blog page & a personal page. I'll post random awesomeness, of course, but  it'll keep you up to date, on everyone's favorite social networking site ( sorry Myspace, you're SO 3 years ago.)

Become a fan today! Join in on my awesomeness.

And, here is a cat, with a carrot on its head.

See? Aren't you so glad you have me!!

Now go, become a fan of me my blog!



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  1. That cat pic is hilarious! How random ;) Happy Friday! Sarah


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