Friday, February 12, 2010

Dear Ryan..

Remember when you used to be this small??

Of course you don't. Your not even 2 yet, much less having conversations about your baby days!

Boy, Ryan.
You made a bang from the start!
Nurses came from all over to see the 10 pounder in the maternity ward..
You've had the swoopy hair & blue eyes that heart breakers are made of from the start.
Your my goofy risk taking snuggle bunny!

I love you, son. I really do.

However, you have yet to learn that mama knows best.

So when I say take a nap, because you REALLY need it..


Please listen.




  1. He is SO cute! And I love the fish dipe & shirt. And the A&A blankies. Erik is totally addicted to his, courtesy of your giveaway!

  2. Ok, so I think you and I are perfect breeders for the perfect couple. Save Ryan for Lily, k? :)


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