Thursday, February 25, 2010

Chuck & the AIDS

Remember Chuck?? Well, she's got The HIV ( pronounce "hivv"). As you may recall.

Right now, she's on her way to the Kitty Clinic.
Last time she was there,

was for her abortion.
((head shake))

I hope it won't be emotional going back, for her.

She seems to be sick. She's lost weight, isnt seeming to eat much, and just isn't happy, her usually whorish self no longer looks for attention, or plays with toys.
So, we're getting her checked out.
Although, because she's a cat, which automatically makes her part asshole as well, nothing will be wrong with her & we'll just be out some cash.

But seriously,I hope her AIDS hasn't flared up, she may kind of be an annoying whore, but I do like her.

So.. Kitty prayers for you Chunkles!!!

-3:57 pm
I'm actually so shocked right now, I dont know what to say. The doctor just asked to put her down, today.
She's coming home, so we can make her comfortable & talk about what we want to do.
I thought Mike was kidding, we just hung up.

Well... this sucks.




  1. awe =[ how sad *hugs*
    I ♥ kitties, I have three of my own


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