Friday, February 19, 2010

Baby's getting a face lift!

So, remember when I was messing around, trying to figure out how to make my own blog header?

Yeah, well. I suck & can't.

This little engine can't can't can't.

However, Stitchblade Designs can.

And is!

I'm really excited. I am pretty confident she is going to do something that is exactly what I want,and need to express myself with my banner. From her past work,which you can check out here (how much do you love The Review Broads & Womb at the Innsane banners she did!?!)  I think she has the right mind set to "get me" while putting it to an image.

So, are you excited?? Can you hardly wait to see whats in store??

I know!! Me toooo!!! I hope none of you with the weak bladders pee yourself in anticipation! (yes, I know about you.)




  1. Ummm, why you gotta call out my bladder like that? Meanie!! C-Sections suck ass

  2. It's ok love, I not only feel the warmth of your friendship, but also your pee!!


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