Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Will pimp,er trade sexy prostitut, ..Hm, this is just the wrong direction I want to be going....

I like to win. I always have & I always will. I'm good at winning & I'm much more competitive than people guess I am. I don't get into games, I'm not much of a card player, but if I set my mind to something.

God help you if you get in my way.
I might eat you.

So, I'm whoring the internet for votes.

Yes. I'll trade you sexy pictures, or shoot you a text message with some funky language if I must.

But, I need you to vote for me first. I never give my end of the deal first, Mike ruined that for me with his "I'll do dishes if we have sex first" crap

So, here is what I need you to do, for me.
I am a green mom.
You know I am, hell, we even recycle cat poop here, with the dogs help!!!
Because I am a green mom, I entered a "Greenest Mom" contest at a local childrens resale store, for a $500 shopping spree.

If you have a Facebook,  Visit the Childrens Orchard Green Mom contest HERE. Become a FAN.

Scroll down to find my entry, Claire Hale.

LIKE my post. That's all you have to do, is be a fan, so then you can LIKE my post.

I went from second place, with the leader have 52, yesterday & I had 34, to having over 60 votes today.

I am a good, good internet whore.

However, the contest runs until April. Ryan will turn 2 then, how special would he feel if he won a $500 shopping spree??

He wouldn't care. But I do, and I must win. We by no means need $500 in kids clothes & toys so in my effort to pay it forward, If I win, I will let you guys help me decide what charity to buy clothes & donate for. Or, to send to Haiti, or whatever you guys vote for, but, I can't do that if you don't get your sweet little butts over & LIKE me.

Like me, please.

Now..I know, sexy pictures.. I cant believe I'm going to do this, my parents will be so ashamed..


Get the kids, and husbands out.. You dont need to explain tese things to you kids & I dont want anyone to be mad at me for stealing their husband so...

You want to do the nipple tweak, ya know, the "roll" guys do when they first find boobs, for the rest of their life. I know. Sexy.

Hey, I didn't say sexy pictures of ME, did I???


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