Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My husband is gross. And so is my dog.

 My dog is gross. This we know. She has a bad habit of eating poop out of the cat's litter box at night. I mean, I can't be around to scoop it at all hours of the day & she actually HOPS in and DIGS. It's gross. And kind of funny to see your dog who is smaller than your cat, standing INSIDE the litter box.

However, its fucking gross & I yell at Mike to take care of it like, ALL the time.

Apparently, instead, he decided to take pictures.

I've had camera troubles for awhile, I had to re install my software to get it to work, so I had a good couple of months of photos to upload. As I scanned through them obviously, i found one I didn't remember taking, so I opened it. To a full size image.

Then I barfed.

My camera takes pretty good quality pictures, I will say that.

I keep making the mistake of opening the photo again, It's like a scab, I keep opening it over & over no matter the repercussions.

I obviously need to do SOMETHING with it, but what? I've been asking myself, what can I possibly use a picture of my dog eating shit for??

Today, after seeing all the awesome awards on this blog I've recently found & have come to LOVE.
Steam Me Up, Kid. I think this is the funniest blog ever. I mean, I have nearly died reading her posts. Literally, I almost choked & died.

And then this site, which I recently found & now LOVE. Obvious Winner. Which I just don't have words for.It's THAT awesome.

I figured it out!

I'm going to make my own award. So. keep an eye out for it & pass it on, should you feel the need. Also, if your sick enough to, please, place it on your site & share with others, how I truly feel for you.




  1. I just spent so long on Obvious Winner, my eyes are burning.

    I can't wait to see what text you add to a photo of a dog eating shit to make it an award. "Your blog is the pick of the litter"?, or "Your blog is litterally scrumptious"?

    Sorry. Bad, bad, bad.

  2. Good post, nice blog. Thanks for share.


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