Friday, January 29, 2010

Just a friendly reminder of what today is....

For Katie-

It's....Anti Panty Friday (an-tee pan-tee FRI-DAY)

-The day made up a week or so ago, to convince myself that going pantyless on a daily basis, can be shared with the public, if its made to feel "group" like, and special.

As long as your not pulling a Brit Brit, and its a stay at home kinda day, join in!

Really, stay at home, because no one NEEDS to catch a glimpse, in public. Not even of Brit Brits lady bits.




  1. OMG, I love you so much!!! I see an ad for my shop too. You are the rockin'est mama ever. I didn't even wear panties to pick up RJ from school!!! Bahahaha :X

  2. Panties on the ground, Panties on the ground...Lookin like a fool with your panties on the ground :D

  3. I am IN!! Woot! A day without panties, oh ya! I missed yesterday, so I am making up for it today ROFL! I am going to parade around my home and excercise too! Whoosh! What a day this will be :)

  4. Panties should only be reserved for period times or hot dates... At least that's how I've been living the past 10 or so years! I wish I could say it saves me money on underwear, but I still buy redic amounts of lacy panties for when I want to feel sexy!

  5. If I wear leggings I go without panties and if my skirt or dress is long enough I go without panties. But I'm nervous to try it with jeans because I think that might not be to comfortable.

    Wait was that TMI?


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