Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'd like an organic, grass fed, butt stroked mocha .Half calf, please.

It seems like everyone is on some sort of diet modification or food lifestyle, or whatever you want to call it.

You have to eat organic, or gluten free, or your a GFCF lifestyle household.
Maybe there is an egg allergy, or your a vegetarian vegan.
Maybe red dye is a big no-no for your kids.
Perhaps someone refuses to eat anything but rooster poo, who know at this rate.

Everyone is eating something special, or different than just "food" it seems.

So I want to know. Do you have any diet restrictions, or dietary needs? Does anyone in your household? Do you grow your own food? Only buy organic? Shop strictly at Walmart? Are there no nuts in your household
( other than your spouse, of course)

Looking at that cow chart.. cow chart?? that cow chart is making me feel... icky...I could totally be vegetarian..except for I really love ..well.. meat. I like bacon, and sausage, and a good steak..I'm down with eating most meat, in general. But, the whole animal part of it does bum me out!!

Does anyone not eat meat?? If so, how did you come to that choice?

I needta know.



  1. We have actually gone mostly veggie. Mark is on a low fat/low sodium diet after his heart attack, and the easiest way to go low fat is to cut out meat. He is only allowed red meat "on occassion" so I've just cut it out completely. We have had chicken and fish since the heart attack, but again, that isn't often. I've been trying to go vegetarian for quite some time, but it just stinks to have to cook several different meals because I don't want meat and they do. So now that Mark can't have meat, it just makes sense. :)

  2. I was vegetarian for about 9 months in 8th grade- I was protesting the pork chops my mom had made for dinner. I love me some ham, bacon, steak...
    We have no dietary restrictions here, although we probably should watch what we eat, and try to eat healthier.

  3. No allergies, no restrictions here. A few of us are picky eaters but there's nothing we can't eat. We eat more than we should though.

  4. I eat a super low carb HIGH fiber diet... I've lost 6 lbs and feel more.. umm... regular.. LMAO!!

  5. I was a vegetarian for about 7 years. Mainly because I didn't like the taste of meat. Don't know what I was thinking! I've been back to eating meat for about 7 years now and don't know that I could go without again!

    And no special diets in this household. I try to make healthy, well-balanced meals, but I'm not June Cleaver so there are nights where we eat dinners of pizza and breakfasts when we eat cinnamon toast.


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