Thursday, January 21, 2010

I was tardy to the party.

Obviously, 2010 has been in full swing for a few weeks here, and as I've been doign some blog changes I've founf entries I started but never finished ( damn life & children not standign still while I write!!!)

SO.. Better late than never, right?

One of the things I love most in life is lists.

Sometimes, I even write things I just did but forgot to write just so I can cross it out. I like them neat & perfect, with little dots, or button points. Yay lists!!


excuse me.


As we all know, with the end of a year & the arrival of a new one, Years Best lists are abound. It's a glorious array of worst dresser, funniest animals, disasterous couples,clothing & some all around sick shit if your into that sorta thing.

Check these stories, clips, photos & news from 2009.And yes, some of them will likely be offensive, because they are MY favorites.

Consider yourself warned.


I'm not sure what my favorite part was "please don't tell people, this makes me look like an idiot" or "lots of people have to make this mistake all the time!"

2-Slow Loris gets tickled. Mike is now determined we will "some day" have a slow loris of our own. Riighhtt, and I'll have a helpful husband who  cleans the toilet himself.

3- Little Girls are way grosser than little Boys...


This, of course, is tragic, however, tell me your sphincter isnt clenching as you lean forward on YOUR computer desk chair right now???

5- AMAZING Video. Just awesome. Watch in HD if your able.

8-Poor little Adolf Hitler. No cake for you!!!! I know lots of you remember THIS story!!! I believe those children ended up being later removed from the home. Hmm.....Mike just had to explain which was the man in that picture.. Take a close look..

9- This makes you not want to share pictures, huh?

  10- What is the most unusual thing you've ever eaten, contest??

Do. You. Say. To.


Ok, I'll say it. Dude. if my kid was that fucking stupid, I might smack them. I mean, look at her face, even she knows she's a fucking moron.


14- "The one with the dog" What the FUCK?!?! I bet this chick has a neck tattoo. I can just feel it.

15-Girlfriend Doesn't Realize Boyfriend is on Vacation  - "Sorry I didn't return your calls, honey. I was in Europe. What's your excuse for being a bitch?"

16- Turtle has amazing Orgasm.

 I know. You laughed, you cried, you barfed.

How is 2010 going for YOU so far??



  1. Haha - I take it you watch real Housewives of Atlana with the "Tardy to the Party" headline. Some of those stories were my favorites of the last year as well, esp. lil Adolf Hitler and that dumbass chick who sued over the tattoo on her face. Yea, like you could fall asleep while someone was tattooing your frickin face! Might I recommend my favorite blog site, - I think you'd like it! It's a very snarkily written celeb blog, with a lot of real life crazy stuff thrown in too.
    Love ya, Claire. -Susan

  2. OMG I love these! I hadn't seen some of them yet... The seal thing is incredible, and the boss... OMG! hahaha... That's what she gets. And I'm not gonna lie... Was totally elated about the Mom who set her 13-yr-old daughter's rapist on fire. I'd do the same damned thing. ;)


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