Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I've felt really grateful today.

I'm grateful that no matter how "bad" I think things are, I havent had to know what its like to be cold, or hungry, or have no home. The chances I ever will are quite slim, but you just never know. So for today, I'm grateful I have a home. It may be small & it may drive me nuts for now, but I'm thankful I have it.

I have a husband who loves me & loves his children. Forget about all the other crap, just the LOVE alone is special. You can provide, or give things, but LOVE is something not everyone has, or finds, or is lucky enough to feel. My children & I have someone who loves us very much & I'm thankful for that.

I have amazing family who lifts me up, supports, encourages & loves me for who I am, even when I'm not deserving of their love & generosity.

I have friends. Some friends who are just faces & names but who have strengthened me & gifted me the best gift I could ask for. The building of myself. They have helped me learn about myself & who I want to be, and cheerlead me all the way to my goals.

I have happy, healthy little boys. I have children and that alone is a blessing, not everyone who wants & deserves to be a parent gets that chance. I have & I am lucky for them.

I just wanted to remind myself, out loud, of the most basic things that I take for granted every day & be thankful for them today.


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