Sunday, January 24, 2010

Girl Talk Thursday

I am not ashamed to say that I am thrilled to jump into this Girl Talk thing with this because I LOVE talking about random things & sharing my opinions & beauty products are one of those things that I have been there, done that with so much of it all & I truly have well formed thoughts.

-Dove bar soap.
I swear. If someone told me they'd kill me if I didnt only use one type of cleanser for the rest of my life, I'd pee myself out of fright, but then I'd wash up with Dove. There is a reason its in SO many magazines as the basic perfect bar of soap for all needs. It's just perfect. You get clean, that's a plus. But its gentle enough for babies, it doesn't clog pores & the gentleness of it makes it perfect for faces. Its just an all around moisturizing, gentle, pure soap. I've tried all sorts of expensive designer soaps, handmade soaps, you name it, if its made to clean your bod  in the shower & its under $50 a bottle, I've likely tried it. I could always come back & use Dove & think "why don't I always use this?"

-Salon quality hair products. My favorite, hands down in Matrix Smoothing for shampoo & conditioner. I am the queen of a million shampoo bottles in the shower. I like to rotate.. I have a schedule.. it's intense. But, I have good hair, I've never met anyone who hasnt said so!

-Proactiv. I don't even have "bad" skin. I have pretty good skin, I think I maybe had ONE blemish before the age of 19. With the crazy hormones of all this kid having, its been a skin saver for me! There is a reason its all over the place, it works!!!

-I'm also a fan of removing your makeup. All the time, all the way. Ugh. Don't even get me started, I'll just leave it at that!

-Water. Drinking water gives better hair, skin & all around beauty health. It's basically all I drink,besides tea, lately.

-Sleep. Ditto above!



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