Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cottonelle. Team over, Team under?

Which way does your toilet paper roll?

-Are you team over?
-Team under?
-Team I don't care?
-Team "I will punch you if it isn't over"
-Team "I'll hurt you if it doesn't hang under!"

Maybe your team..
- "I don't care, I'm just glad I dont have to wipe with my hand, like the old days"

I hope ALL of us can fit into the last Team...

Do you have a preference as to which way your TP rolls, and why?

I am team over. All the way. There is no rational reason for TP to be under. Ever. Unless its hanging above your head, from where your perched on the toilet.. I supposed that's the only way I'd ever OK toilet paper being "under"

It's just the truth. There is no denying it, or arguing with me. Your wrong, if you disagree. I am right.

But..just for case any of you disagree.. argue your case!! Share with me your political views on which way toilet paper rolls.

Grab an icon to show which way YOU roll.

Today, 1/27 is Thomas Crapper Day and Cottonelle will be in NYC with Tori & Dean launching this campaign

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Read a long with me, here,or check out any of the links above & profess your love for which way YOUR toilet paper rolls!




  1. TEAM OVER BABY!!!! I find myself fixing other peoples toilet paper if it is under. lol



  3. Generally team over.. right now its team keep the TP up on the towel rack where the 2 year old can't reach.. She likes to unroll it alllllll. sigh ;)


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