Tuesday, January 26, 2010

calling all Chuck fans!!

This is AWESOME! You know how you read other mom blogs & think "Thats AWESOME!" and get a wee bit jealous, but in a "I'm happy for you.. just jealous your way awesomer than me" type way??

Yeah..prepare to get jealous!!

Lee, over at My Sentiments ExactLee is going to be interviewing, yes, interviewing, Adam Baldwin, the co star of NBC's Chuck!

He's attractive......

Sorry, I had to get a tissue to wipe my drool off the keyboard!

So, Lee is taking questions from readers to ask Adam during their interview.

Directly from Lee -

"Baldwin has generously offered his time to discuss issues like making informed decisions on vaccinating your children, Hollywood Parenting, http://www.ride2recovery.com/ (one if his favorite charities) and just about anything you’d like to ask him. He can’t give us any spoilers about Chuck so don’t ask, besides, all you’d get out of him is a grunt. Of course he’ll be happy to answer questions about past shows he has worked on. I’m steering clear of too many deep political questions because we have limited time and Adam really likes to prove his point, but I may let a few through.
The tentative time for this interview is February 18th at 9:00 PM EST but will be confirmed closer to the date, as Adam’s shooting schedule is not set that far in advance. But I can tell you this, he is very excited to participate.
Please, leave your questions for Adam Baldwin below and we’ll be choosing the best for the webshow.  Keep coming back to see what others have asked and help give a push to the topics that interest you most.  So you don’t loose track of this thread remember to bookmark http://mysentimentexactlee.com/2010/01/web-show-interview-with-adam-baldwin/ so it will be easily found if it gets bumped by other news & reviews over the next month."

I have to tell you. This is so cool on so many levels, but I  thought it was awesome to see a comment about informed vaccination decisions. I personally, am on the "selective  & delayed" vaccination boat.

Please, keep your comment bashing of me & my parenting choices to a minimun.

With celebrities like Jim Carrey, Jenny McCarthy  speaking out about vaccinations & being informed, as well as Greening our Vaccines, I'm interested to see Adam's thoughts on the topic.

I submitted a question,

claire January 26, 2010 at 4:55 pm
My question is exactly what you said Lee, what are Adams thoughts on making informed decisions regarding vaccinations? With celebrities like Jim Carrey & Jenny McCarthy coming out speaking about their informed vaccination choices & urging other parents to do the same, would Adam say he is on the same side of the fence as them? What has led him to his personal believes on vaccinations. I don’t know, does he have children?? I have strong views, which arent always the popular mainstream, thoughts myself. I thought it was cool to see a celebrity, that would speak about that, on a mom blog. It’s prompting me to look more into Adams acting & work now! Maybe I’ll find a new show to Tivo, this Chuck, huh?? I’m actually intrigued to see the vaccination comment mentioned & will be tuning into the interview, for that alone! Plus, Adam isnt shabby on the eyes.

Submit your own question for Adam, and congratulate Lee on getting an awesome interview!!

I'll be tuning in.. will you???



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