Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What do you think??

I recently read another mom blogger who stopped posting her winners,instead she contacted the winners & still drew them using but she just didn't make a separate post just to announce winners. Her readers asked her to continue to do so & she will be making that announcement on her blog again, as she draws winners.

I finally got my car back this week so I decided to go ahead & contact my first winner ( Things Remembered) with out making a post..

So my question is.

Does anyone care????

Let's face it, the 10 minutes or so I spend making a post that no one reads could be applied to hiding in the bathroom trying to read a book or being used as a human trampoline.. so.. I'm just saying..if no one is missing it....



  1. I think you should post the winners. It may just be me but that's my opinion, if it matters.

  2. I don't read winner posts normally, a quick scan maybe for my name, but often it's contests that I didn't even enter!

    As long as your e-mailing the winners, then that's good enough to me!

    Also, I don't normally enter contests that say "check back on XX to see if you won" I have a newborn, I don't have time for that!! (unless I follow the blog & then maybe I'll enter b/c I'll see their winner announcement.

  3. I like to have it posted because for some reason I don't always get the emails letting me know I've won. It's happened at least twice where I have received no email (either it didn't go through or I accidentally deleted it not knowing what it was) and then checked a blog only to find out I had won.


  4. I'm probably weird, but I do like to see who won. That being said, if it's easier and less time consuming for you, so you can spend more time on yourself, by all means, just email the winners!

  5. I would rather you spend time with the family or by yourself to recoup. But maybe as a compromise for those who want a seperate post and those that don't: email the winner as usual and maybe just post the winners name on the actual giveaway post where they entered. That way when people see that a giveaway has ended they can look at the post and see who the winner was (for those that care who the winner was and in case someone didn't get their winning email for whatever reason). Just my thoughts. Hope it helps!


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