Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What a difference a year makes.

I can honestly say, this has not been our best year. We've had ups & downs, and some more downs & some middles too.

As the year wraps up, I'm definitely finding myself moping a bit as I sulk in the craptastic events we've dealt with recently & in the whole of 2009.

I'm ready for 2010.

In fact, if I could.. I'd keep the kids the same & just fast forward right to 2011. Unfortunately, that isnt an option so I've been trying to think of where we might be next year this time.

Mike has  13 classes left of his mechanical engineering bachelors degree.
He's smart.
I mean, he REALLY is smart.
I want to bang my head into a wall when he talks about school & engineering, its all jibberish to me.
I once looked at his paper & the told him what I got from it.. I believe my explanation involved an angle, a right turn & a dog.

I'm really proud of him. He served his time in the USAF as a nuclear weapons technician. He had a marriage prior to mine ( betcha didnt know THAT eh?) He's overcome alot of hurdles in his life & now, here he is. A wife & 2 gorgeous ifIdosaysomyself boys & a not too shabby wife as well.
Not to say Mike is a total fucking idiot also. 
But he really is SO smart & I know he is going to do great things once graduating & entering the work force.

It's led to conversations lately about where we would & would not move. We're in Ohio, not exactly top notch for jobs & the economy. However, my parents & some family, Mikes father & his family are here. Mikes mother is in Florida where we lived prior to being in Ohio now.

I am one of those people who doesnt see past today. I just have a hard time imagining the future or "seeing" it. I know its coming, I just cant quite envision it. Often I think, especially with having a family, the school years are just the years that you swear will go on for eevvveerrr. Especially when your going to school as an adult!

Did you know that Of every 100 kids who enter American high schools, only about 20 obtain a bachelor's degree within a decade?? Yep. True story!

 But going to college as an "adult"? Your not 18, getting help from mom & dad. Throw in a couple'a kids & I'm damn impressed Mike has gotten this far!!

I've been realizing, this time next year could be unfolding a whole new future for us. I'm trying to focus on on CLOSE we are to the end & how truly, a year DOES make a huge difference & its brought up alot of thoughts & questions.

Where will we be in a year?? No one knows of course.. Will we be here, getting ready to move somewhere still local for Mikes first job, or could be be cross country starting somewhere completely new to all of us?

Who knows.

I have to admit, lately I'm feeling ready to move. We never see our family. They live from 3-40 miles from us & we just never see them.My mother is a workaholic & my dad, between his job, exercise & his own writing, well, they've been used to "us kids" being gone & they have their own life. Mikes dad & his wife  have  young children of their own still, plus are both getting in Real Estate. They're busy with their life too. Mike is in school, or doing homework the majority of the time & by the time the weekend rolls around, when he isnt doing homework or "relaxing" he's helping me & the boys with our own family stuff.

I've always wondered, how the hell do you find a baby sitter??
I mean, if you move somewhere you know no one, do you just never GET a baby sitter??

I grew up here.
I couldnt wait to get out.

There is something about growing up in a college town that just fucks you up. I've had talks with tons of people who say "Oh yeah, its just all you Kent people.. it's from growing up here."
You grow up early, do things early, blah blah.
I moved to Florida & I didnt like it. I was pregnant in July in South Florida, the heat, the people, the whole nightmarish experience..its all been ruined for me.
I've learned to like Kent since then, it has some great qualities to it for a young family, but ..meh. At this point, I don't' feel we have much holding us here.Been here, done that with most of whats around here.

Today I was Google Earth-ing a bit, which of course, as every time, ends up with Mike taking over & me never getting to do what I hoped to. Damn Google Earth stealer.

So, I've decided to open myself up to start looking, there are alot of places I havent visited & I want to know about the places we could end up considering. I need to know my position on each state when bargining time comes ya know?]

Here are some key points I've come up with so far to help narrow down the list of states I'd like to take a closer look into.

  • We've agreed there isnt a bit enough amount of money for us to move back to Florida at this point. Ugh, that was a nightmare. But you'd have to gauge my eyes out with spoons to get me to live in Florida again.. Or give me ALLOOTTT of money. Which Mike will make good money, but not enough at this point, to make me go back there It just is NOT for me. I prefer a crisper, cleaner seasonal approach to my state of residence.
  • I'm not really into Texas. I'm just.. not... No offense Texans. Just not for me at this point.I'd have loved to move to Texas when I was 20, 21, Mike & I were just starting out, but at this point, with kids, just starting after college, Texas is just out for me.
  • I'd like to live somewhere with land, no neighbors if you wanted, even animals.. yet I'd like to be in reasonable distance of a Target or 2.
  • I'd prefer if the entire  towns daily uniform didnt consist of flannel &Carhartts. It's be neat of the school doesnt produce people whose most frequent phrases are "I seen it at Walmart yesterday" or "ain't something or other" and to have some professional quality to the demographic.
  • I don't like snakes & reptiles.
  • I'm not a HUGE fan of natural disasters, some places on the South/West coast just don't appeal.
  • I can do winters. I do, however prefer to have electricity & "help" that can come with in a reasonable amount of time in severe Winter weather. AKA.. Not living on the top of a mountain somewhere with MREs, gallons of water & a portable radio. (Sorry, Mike, I told you maybe someday, but not yet!) 
  • I dont want to move to Oklahoma. I have to real reason why, but when I look at it on a map, I just dont like it. Or its name. 
  • No WV. I'm from Ohio. We don't move to West Virginia, we make fun of them & call them rednecks. It's just what people from Ohio do.

So lets see.. What does this leave, for me??

So I've asked the question in my personal circle & now I want to ask my blog readers..

  • Where do you live?
  • Do you like it? Dislike it?
  • Why?
  • What is special about your state/city/town?
  • What is the weather/seasons like?
  • What about the people,schools,etc?
  • Is it where you want to stay, or is there somewhere else YOU'd like to move?
  • If so, where? And why?

What about past residences, where have you lived before that you loved, or hated, and why??



  1. We're in NC, and have really liked it here. Close to the beach and mountains, stores and farms, shopping and hiking. Cost of living is great. Aaron's reenlisted to stay here, so we've been here almost 8 years now :) Weather is not so freezing in the winter, but still cold enough to feel like Christmas.

    Prior to that we were stationed in HI. Lovely, but the cost of living sucked balls.

    Before that my ex and I were stationed in Washington state. Loved it there too, same reasons as I love it here, just on the opposite coast :)

    And before that, we were in Georgia. Bleh. Hated it.

    I'm originally from NY. Upstate, not the city. Cost of living is sucky there too. I probably won't move back.

  2. Hi. I'm a new reader to your blog and I'm enjoying it very much.

    I was born and raised in the Dallas/Ft Worth area but left there at age 21 and moved to Kansas. I have been here 20+ years and can honestly say this has been a great place to live and raise my children. If you ever read me saying something derogatory about Kansas it's usually a joke. When I was told we were moving here I have to say I honestly thought, hicks, wheat fields, kids wearing overalls, pickup trucks etc.

    Wichita is not overcrowded. We don't have horrible traffic, we don't have overly high crime rates etc. The people here are friendly but not overly so (Texans tend to irritate me because they are loud and don't respect personal space LOL).
    We have 4 very distinct seasons and none of them are horrible.
    We have some great shopping spots, great restaurants and good schools.

    The only thing that is lacking in my neck of the woods is scenery I guess. No long sandy beaches or tall majestic mountains. I don't think this would bother me if we went on more vacations. LOL Don't get me wrong....the Plains are beautiful and being able to see a thunderstorm rolling in from a distance is a grande sight.

    Final thoughts on Wichita. We have some AWESOME Super Targets! LOL

  3. I'm about 20 miles east of Atlanta. I like Georgia particularly the weather. I'm east of the tornado muck, west of the hurricane weather, and have limited winters. Our summers get into the 90s but even those are limited. The biggest downfall to the weather aspect is the humidity which coincides with mosquitos. Few years are completely intolerable. The people here are pretty great especially those out in the country. The school system I grew up in (North Fulton County) was great. The one my kids are in is pretty good but not my favorite. The schools are just huge. Our county has a 4 billion dollar budget for school renovations and construction annually it's THAT big. The only other place I can imagine ever living is Charleston, SC. I'm not a "Southerner" yet I really like the Southern hospitality! Overall though, I'm certain that I will probably die in GA because I can't imagine ever living anywhere else. Oh and for what it's worth, I've lived here my whole life. In 33 years, I've seen two snakes EVER.

  4. Maryland and Pennsylvania have some great scenery and rural areas, without being too far from civilization. Plus, your favorite sister ever could see you more. Don't move farther away, please.......:)

  5. I would live in Pennsylvania, parts of New Mexico and Colorado and maybe even Idaho (no, YOU-da-HO)... I'd consider coastal Oregon... so ummm, yeah move here. Problem solved, our kids can get married and we will get a huge bus and be hippies... yeah thats it, hippies.

  6. Move here.

    Because I'm here.. Duh?

    Thus ended, the move-to-which-state debate! ;)


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