Saturday, December 12, 2009

Vangina Necklaces. Because there really isnt a better title for this, than that....

I lay in bed at night & read Perez Hilton on my phone. EVERY night. I can be exhausted but I atleast have to scan the page.


I said it.

And I LOVE it.

It makes me happy inside. I'm a whore for celebrity news deep at heart & I need help.

Anyway, awhile back I saw one of my other beloved sites in this article on Perez, Etsy. I of course, read on & was.. well.. you'll see ;-)

Tonight I was browsing Etsy ghost shopping ( a little habit I do when I'm broke, or feeling the shopping bug, don't laugh, TONS of other girls do it!)

Anyway, somewhere along the taxidermy links, and the penis soaps, I remembered to go see the link from Perez, that I hadnt been able to see on my site!

Here we go...

Warning, this is adult rated. Get the kiddies out of the room, or answer questions you might prefer to avoid. Don't say I didn't warn you.


Thoughts?? Here are mine, along with some questions.

..Ah, I just had a pause.. with an eye squint.. (I have very distinct facial expressions, if you know me, you know this one..)

I'm trying to tactfully find what I'd like to say.. other than the obvious.

Do people actually do this?? I mean, Mike was like "would you do it, if no one ever saw it, or had to know & it was free??" and I was like "...huh..." which of course, led me here.

Who actually gets these made?? And do they wear them?? Like... when they go shopping at Target for tampons or feminine itch cream.. do they take their Yonis along to pick which brand they prefer??

Could you imagine walking up to your check out clerk or someone at a party, them turning around & seeing THAT from their neck?

What would you even say??? I personally, think it would be awesome, I'd love to find myself in that situation just to see what the fuck would come out of my mouth!!

PS- Whats up with the one that looks likes its growing a penis?



  1. OMG!!!! I hardly ever use that expression....but seriously?!?!?!?!!?!?! That is so crazy...I really and truly laughed so hard...I really would not know what to do if I saw a person with one around their neck. I know that I would not be able to actually describer it in enough detail for this person to make one for me...let alone wear it. LOL

  2. Well darling, they are ALL the rage amongst commune dwellers dontcha know? Oh and wife swappers too... gotta know what is down below before you go swapping and get a surprise (like the one growing a penis). It is much easier than flashing the goods out in pubic... errr, public.

  3. Ok, wait, did you see that you have to take pictures of it and send them to this person. WTF happens to the pictures? Art or someone's sick fetish to get pix of your 'yoni'? Either way, I'll pass thanks lol!

  4.! I read Perez each night too and I think I remember seeing this, but it still is OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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