Saturday, December 5, 2009

Mabels Labels Review

I am an organizer.. the amount of friends I have who are 50 million times more OCD than myself, well.. it would take a lot of us, a lot of list making (and perfecting & re-writing!) to figure out!!!

For the organizer, crafter, or someone who maybe needs some organization in their chaotic life.. look no further than Mabel's Labels custom labels this Christmas.

With their colorful new LOL line, you can make sure those lost books, or crafts or whatever kids items ( even your Tupperware!!!) always find their way back to their rightful owner with these bright labels.

These labels are bright & colorful & I cant wait to start pasting them all over my kids items. You can put them on dishes, bottles, sippy cups, you name it. They with stand washing, throwing, dirt & all around abuse childrens items do. These labels will not come off & will provide you & your items with personilized colorful labeling that ensures each item returns to it's rightful owner.

Last year I got to organize my entire spice cabinet with Mabels custom spice labels ( oh, it was amazing organization my friends!!) and this year I'm going to be having some fun with the crafter pack. Every scissor, tape, bead, stamp & stencil will be in their rightful place by the time Mabels Labels & I are done with my craft corner!!

I am in love with their cord control package, I've never seen a better solution to all those cords behind the entertainment cabinet, no pulling a plug & hoping for the best anymore!

Mabels Labels has the perfect package & products for anyone looking to organize, customize & label any item.

What are some of your favorite items from Mabels Labels??


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  1. I've seen these before and think they're great. Too cute too!


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