Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lets get a make over!

With the new year, It's time for a new approach to my blog.

I started this blog as a place for myself to talk about whatever I wanted. Remember?

Then I got started doing reviews & I got so caught up in those that I was too burnt out bu the time it came to do personal blogging. Lets face it, I have 2 toddler boys & a husband with the "adultness" of a 5 year old. I dont have the free time some people do. Plus, I dont exactly rake in the dough ( and by dough I mean a pinch of flour or 2 here & there.) doing this & I put in a good amount of time that could definately be spent with my children, although they, and Seseme Streets ratings arent exactly complaining.

While I'll still be working with some great companies & teams, I'm going to be more selective this year, start saying NO & try my damndest to make sure that I focus on another thing.



But seriously, us moms are taken forgranted, like, 99.9% of the time & I want to help not only remind myself, but readers & followers to step back, like I am hoping to do and focus on themselves & what is important to them.

Stop saying yes to the play date you dont want, or the bakesale you don't really have time for. Spend an extra 10 minutes on your hair in the morning, or put on some makeup on a stay a home day you usually neglect yourself.

The kids can cry, believe me, it wont kill em. But if you don't apply mascara on a  day that NO one but your child will see you, your eye balls might fall out,from neglect.. or jealously of pretty made up eye lashes...

Point is, dude.. Er.. ladies! We need to remember ourselves a bit more.

I'm hoping to do a bit more "mom focus" and share my results. I've recently found out, I'm getting old.

This is still being mulled over, I'll get back to you when it sets in.

It takes a bit more love, time & care to get me feeling & looking my best between diaper changes, feedings, trian building & the all around mom colossol amazingness that I am.

So, hopefully you'll follow along on what I hope to be a fun New Year.

Also, my blog needs a face lift. I'm just not as cutesty as my lay out is. Susan did a great job, but as my blog has changed, the Squirrel has been dropped off & I'm ready for a change that represents "me" a bit more.Dont worry, squirrels & poo will not be left out of this next year, just maybe off the title.

What would suit my personality better than a home made layout by ME. Yes, me. This blog actually got its name because I on a whim created a picture was "I rock & roll" however..with my choice of bread subsititute, it was read "I rock & muffin"

And thus this blog came to be..

But yes, me,the html moron. So, bear with me, I'm hoping to work through a new lay out here..shortly!!!

Hope you'll join me in 2010!!


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  1. Never would I dare to design my own blog layout. Wait. I totally did that. But it kind of sucks. My husband wants to redo it, but I like my crazy cat lady pic. No chango the bloggo.


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