Friday, December 18, 2009

I...yyeeii YEEEIII!!!

..Don't feel so good.Could I have the piggy flu?

Sick Pictures, Images and Photos
What IS that??? A ..mouse? Badger?? Turd? I mean, what is it??

..Have no Christmas spirit this year.Seriously. I've learned my lesson. Each year I swear it'll be a simple Christmas & I get "that one toy" then I go all balls to the wall & get a ton of crap & max ourselves out full of excitement & anticipation for my family to be tickled pink with my love & gifts & thought, only to be dissapointed that no one cares about anything but the one item I started out with. Duh.

..Lost 14 pounds in the last few weeks from stress ( hey, stress can be my new BFF if it shrinks my ass ok??) I posted about it on Facebook & my best guy friend, of 11 years said "Wow, you must have been fat."

..HATE The United States Air Force. If I could, I'd personally tell them face to face to suck it,then I'd kick them in their shins & run, fast.


..Don't love being an adult, in fact, I don't like it a BIT much of the time!

..Have reoccurring sexy dreams about Michael Voltaggio (Top Chef) & Alexander Skarsgard.
And I don't mind it one bit..Neither does my hubby, at this point..yaknowhatimsayingehhhh????

My computer doesn't let me Twitter(Tweet!). Seriously, I just don't even try anymore.Someone once left a comment & I'd be lying if I said, I haven't been waiting until this very moment to use her phrase.. So, here it is...
My computer must just be retweeted.

Dont get it. Wouldn't you think that if you order a picture from a site, like Kodak, for example & they give you the size options, wouldn't you think all those sizes would be easy to find frames for? As they're obviously "common" or "standard" sizes..RIGHT??
Finding a 20x30 frame is nearly impossible & I demand Kodak put that as a disclaimer to other people assuming like I did. (Joanns has ONE poster frame that size, FYI!!!)

Am not feeling very funny lately. I mean.. Nope, just not feeling funny. I used it all up in real life & honestly, if I told you all the hilarious things I think I do ALL day long, you'd all probably think I was crazy. Some things, you just have to be there for.

..Need to make some Christmas cookies.. so I can welcome back my 14 pounds.



  1. Feel better gorgeous! I think I gained your 14 lbs!!!!!!

  2. So what you do is you buy the Joann's frame (with a 40% off coupon natch) then go to Home Depot and find some really pretty molding, a hand saw, and a miter box - and you make a pretty frame and just glue it to the cheap ass frame with some hot glue AFTER spraypainting it whatever color you like. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

  3. That first image looks like a lop-eared rabbit to me, Claire. :)


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