Monday, December 21, 2009

Have a tissue.

I'm mean.

Or so I was told by some random chick from junior high who is on my Facebook this morning. I was discussing Brittney Murphy's recent death. Which is a tragedy, as any loss of life is.

However, anyone who has ever picked up OK magazine or whatever those are ( I don't pay for my smut,I'm an internet gal) called is pretty aware from just looking at celebrities & reading a caption who is on drugs, who is nuts, who has an eating disorder, who drinks blood, makes out with their brothers, cheats on their wife & likes manly bathroom sex.

It's one of the great privledges of being a child on the Internet. 

I believe my words were "My guess is her heart was previous weakened by a previous ED & she snorted a fattie too many." I was giving my thoughts after a friend shared her own similar ones.Am I judging?
I had an eating disorder as a teen. I've always been skinny but being 6 foot tall & 103 pounds at high school graduation just isnt natural.

I also  (mom & dad stop reading here) have partaken in my fair share of illegal substances prior to marriage & children, many of the ones I havent touched I can assure you my husband tried prior to our meeting as well. Plus,  I'm also just not a sweet faced idiot, I know about drugs. It's called D.A.R.E.. Maybe some of you didnt pay attention???

So, yeah. I feel justified in sharing my own thoughts on a girl who was found unconsious in cardiac arrest at 32 whose husband is adamently insisting there be no autopsy.

Does that make me mean? No.Yes, however,I AM mean, Just not in this circustance, if your going to shower me with such praise & lovely words, atleast get it straight!!

Now, excuse me while I go punch my husband & call him some names.

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PPS- Seriously, it is a tragedy Britney urphy has passed away, I'm in no way making light of the situation, but seriously, she's a celebrity, one of the 50 young ones who have now passed this year from OD's people talk,its why Perez Hilton & TMZ are huge sites, everyone has an opionion. Put on your big girl panties & deal with mine.



  1. You're not judging. Sadly, it is probably the truth. And, it's really sad that it got to this point and she wasn't able to get on the right path.

    P.S.: your husband is an MAE student! WHAT? I work in the MAE department at UCLA. Crazy!

  2. You were totally not mean. At least not in this situation ;)

  3. I agree. Her passing so close to the holidays is heartbreaking especially for her family.. but I do not believe that someone has a heart attack at 32 without drugs/heart condition/previous drug use.. and that is from a nurse perspective.. just saying.

  4. Opinions are like assholes... hehe. Yeah, I like that one. <3

  5. Someone I worked with had his first heart attack (of 5 total) at the age of 19... so it CAN happen, but it is not likely. Above mentioned person is also alive and kicking at 62.

  6. I do love a mean girl who mention shanks!! Oh wait, you said skanks... Close enough.


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