Friday, December 18, 2009

A dog, a REAL dog!!

As some of you know, I have a min pin named Echo. An ex of mine & I shared a sweet little min pin named Frog, who unfortunately, passed away when Mike & I were dating. I was so grief stricken I started looking into adoption, as I dont believe in buying from breeders, and came across IMPS (International Miniature Pinscher Service)

We (and by we, I mean I) filled out an application, was interviewed & eventually, we learned about the dogs available for adoption. I remember the couple we worked with, they were so sweet & the man told me "Well, there is one, Echo, she's pretty old, we'd be lucky to get $50 for her" (the payment for the dog goes to help fund this amazing network through out the states)
I looked at her picture & saw this decrepit old dog, with about half an ear & said "I'll take her"

I drove 3 hours to pick her up, from a rather beastly lady, who I was told is sort of the hospice for min pins..the old ones, the sick ones, the ones no one wants..She had over 50 dogs (omfg!) She is where dogs go to die...

I think she was in plaid flannel eating a granola bar too... Anyway!

As she tried to make our exchange quick as possible she told me "shes the one I have to seek out, she doesnt think she deserves the attention, so.."

I drove Echo home to our shithole of a first apartment & showed her the toys, bowls, food, treats & her new kennel & Echo CRIED.

Yes, the dog fucking cried ok? Tears rolled down her little face, I sweartogod.

Long story short.. Echo may be certifiably "handicapped". I'm not being mean or using the word offensively, when dogs are bred too much, they lose a few screws & seeing as how dogs brains arent human, well, it doesnt take much to breed them stupid ya know?

She traveled to Florida with me, in the front seat of my car. She traveled back to Ohio, in the backseat of the car, with a 7 week old Andy.

When I was severely pregnant, we were taking her to the vet in SWFL & stopped to grab a water at a drive thru.With Echo on what was left of my lap the guy asked, in broken english "pregnant yes??" Well duh, my stomach was GRAVITY defying...

..He was talking about the dog.

20 minutes later my sweet pup was called "obease" by the vet.

Look bitch, I may or may not have shared some baby weight with my dog but thats no reason to be RUDE!

Anyway.. Echos microchip was eventually traced back to Lucky Star Kennels in Mississippi, where she was rescued as a breeder dog. If you know anything about puppy mills, it explains why she only has half an ear, being a breeder, shes contained, bred & likely was very terrorized by other dogs. You can see teeth marks on whats left of her ears, the few teeth she has are straight FUNKY & the smells that comes out of this dog are illegal in 40 states.

Her nip's are so long they could likely drag on the ground, from nursing what must have been a good amount of pups in the mill, she scares herself so badly she flops over on the floor with fright & honestly, she pisses on the floor. A lot.

The point of my story is.. Lately, Echo is becoming a dog, yes, a REAL dog, not a fake dog like she's been for anywhere from 8-14 years of her life. (Mike swears shes probably only 6 years old, she was a puppy when we got her but no one knew b/c she was scared gray) My mom baby sit & asked me "WTF ( ok,she didnt day the F part..) is up with Echo?? I've NEVER seen her like this!!!" She barks to wake me up to take her out in the morning, steals food from kids hands, snapped at me( oohhh half a tooth, you scare me!!!) when I tried to steal the banana SHE stole from Ryan & is all around NUTS! She dances & jumps & barks & has turned into the closest she'll ever get to a real dog. It's fucking bananas.

Tonight something happened. Something I NEVER thought I'd live to see.


Right on my nose, she hopped on my chest, kissed my nose & then I threw up from the smell.

Kidding.. Mike from across the room actually is the one that threw up..but this is a dog that has NEVER given a kiss a day in her little fake dog LIFE!

..Right.. now my entire story seems long & pointless because really, all I wanted to say is.. My dog licked my nose. It was sweet. The End.


PS- Feast your eyes on this..and note the lack of ear on the right side..

I know, you want one, but lets face it, a dog that can make an Elvis face like this is a rare find.
Be jealous!


  1. Awwww :o) I'm totally serious when I tell you this put a smile on my face.


  2. sweet sweet baby! What a great story!

  3. I love you guys! Glad YOU are back on the blog!
    -big sis


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