Monday, November 23, 2009

They really DO grow fast!

This is the conversation I just had with my 3 year old..

Andy- "Mom, you go outside & get me a bird, ok? You get your shoes on & go catch one for me."

Me- "Andy I dont think I can catch one, they're too fast for me!!!" ((distraction))

Andy- "You can use a net!"

Me- ((hm))"We dont have a net for bird catching buddy"

Andy-"You can use the butterfly net!!" ((trails off singing some song "the chicken, who'da the chicken,chicken down the road....))

((pokes head back in the room))

"Okay, go get you shoes & catch a bird with the butterfly net!!!!"

I swear, he just turned into a little boy over night!

He's kinder to Ryan, more gentle ( most of the time) but he jumps to apologize & hug & kiss & say "I sorry, I dont mean to hurt you anymore." He's easier to talk to & rationalize if he gets upset & we can avoid a tantrum, he's more snuggly ( at his OWN will!) and just all around.. growing up!! I guess!! I seriously can't believe it, all the cliches are so true, about time flying, kids growing fast, yada yada.. I dont think anyone ever realizes it.. until they become a mother themself.

Well, I guess I need to go run around outside the window like amadwoman with a butterfly net attempting to catch a


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  1. I can totally see you trying to catch a bird with a butterfly net. In your slippers, curlers in your hair...LOL

  2. sooo, what kind of bird did you get?

  3. I LOVE three-year-olds conversations - they see the world so wonderfully.... he's a gem - and so are you. xoxo


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