Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I'm turning into my mother.

No, not really, thank God. I love you ma but after our last adventure, I worry about how you find your way home every day.

Just kidding, sort of. I'd be lucky to turn into my mother, a successful woman, wife & mother of 1 fine child & myself.

I find myself, as years go on with Mike, finding myself, bitching to my mom about things Mike does & realize "ohgod, thats what she said to ME all those years!!!"

Like "Don't use my nice sewing scissors for Popsicle/wire cutting!"

I have one decent pair of sewing/craft scissors right now... because my mom gave me her old ones to hide from my husband incase I need them & he has used all other craft scissors for Popsicle/something stick that left residue I have to scrape off/wire which ruined the blade/some other weird thing Mike tends to do when he gets "working on a project."

What else.. there have been several things.. like, dishes.. or probably some bathroom related thing related to toothpaste or other messes..

So I just wanted to say.. Sorry mom. I was a silly child & I didn't know any better. Now I have a husband of my own, and I know what its like... to have a child.

Thanks for putting up with me all those years! Everytime I go to Joanns.. I want to buy you the $400 pair of sewing scissors to apologize.. I don't of course, geeze, we're broke! But I understand what you were telling me, all those years.



  1. I love you claire bear! Mom and Dad raised TWO great kids!

  2. This is so true. I find myself saying things to my kids and husband all the time that remind me of my mom. And when they are said in front of her, I see a knowing little grin on her face.

  3. Too funny! It really is too true. We hear the words coming out of our mouths and need to run to check the mirror! :)


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