Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday.

Alright, who hit some sales?? Any of you ladies crazy enough to do some seriously early shopping??

Not I.

But,however, I do have some coupon codes I wanted to share with you guys, because my guide guide is starting soon, I thought we'd start Black Friday off with some sales & discounts!

SiliKids - Silicone Must Haves for Children, use code OHBABY to save 15% through December 31, 2009.

Bravado - For all your nursing needs. This is the last sale of the year, a fantastic 25% off. Good until MONDAY only, with code TH09-175

Bright October - One of my favorite places to shop for kids, I actually subscribe to their Newletter & learned via email that using code THANKS will save 15%.

Ultimate Cloth America is offering EVERYONE a chance to try their revolutionary new cloth, just for shipping & handling. This is something every household needs atleast one of! An eco friendly way to clean, wipe & all around eliminate the need for items like paper towels, swiffer pads & other paper products that fill landfills each year.

Kushies - is offering 25% off your online order with code BLACKFRIDAY. Good until Sunday Nov, 29,2009.

Happy Shopping!

Share any good deals you snagged so I can gloat with you & stay tuned the next few weeks for MY Holiday gift guide & must haves!



  1. Just blog hopping and I stumbled upon your blog . . . probably because of the name. I too have had those maddening boy questions! Anyway, I am having fun reading your posts. thanks!

  2. I didn't make it out to Black Friday either. I like the deals but not the lines. Your coupon codes look great though.


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